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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Migraines, Squee Squad and Hair - oh my!

And there goes the best part of another week.
Had a long weekend booked off to do the Oscars and use up my last few days before our leave year ends (we run with financial year) so off Friday (score!) but promptly had my first humdinger of a migraine in a few months (boo) which really ran largely into Saturday too.
But Rach came over for a visit and we had a good troll around the shops (namely, Ikea. Meatballs to die for. Went in to browse, spent £25. Do now have fully fabulous technicolour dressing gown) before popping home to do a bit of French & Saunders (only 6 weeks until we see them live)
Then, as I had been left off the rota Sunday, I worked a shift for one of the other guys so worked 10 - 8, before going home to wait for Mark to arrive for Oscar night.
We had a scream, the Oscars were, again, a bit shit. Time was when there was a big production number or outrageous scandal that you missed in the highlights, hence the tradition of sitting up til 5.00am to watch the telecast. But since 9/11, they have been far too scared to vaguely offend anyone and so don't even put on the big dance numbers anymore. 2008 may have been my last live one until they put some juice back into the ceremony. No big surprises on the winners. I am sure the only votes they count are from the 70 year olds on the board and George Clooney. And I cant take George seriously after that episode of American Dad. Didn't take him seriously before to be honest. So we had a marvellous picnic with martini's in proper martini glasses and cherries. Oh .. and pickled onions. Its not often you get to munch pickled onions at 4 in the morning and feel good about it.
Monday was then a day of chilling out feeling jet lagged after sitting up until 5.00am. Tried to introduce Mark to The Mighty Boosh but I don't think he really appreciated it!
I then had my big night out with The Squee Squad .. which will take some explaining. An online community of David Tennant appreciators. 17 of them have descended en masse to Cardiff this week to have a look around and hopefully catch sight of the man himself. So i offered to go to dinner with them at the Hard Rock so they could take advantage of my Real Radio discount. I arrived all fresh and early at 7.50, to get settled before they came in. I sauntered to the reception desk and gave my name.
'Are you with those 17 women' came the response.....
'um... yeah'
'well they are all waiting for you.... go through'
Me, who has to psyche himself up to walking into a pub on his own ... now having to walk into a theme bar to 17 eagerly awaiting faces. I have to say, think I pulled it off very well, swaggering in to a chorus of cheers and just took my seat and started chatting...... Across the night quite a few member of Kinda (Kardiff Inebriation N Dancing Agency - the Who fan group I belong to) dropped in too, which was brilliant! Great bunch of people, great night out.
But then last night was the monthly Kinda meet - which again the SS crashed. I went down for an hour and stayed for four. Most of it reminiscing with a fellow 36 year old who is from Milton Keynes - so we had a lot of similar memories from growing up in the area. She understands why Stacey Bushes is funny. And now a dogging ground so she tells me (not that she knows from experience you understand!)
And Dan cut my hair this week. Went a bit shorter than usual, so bit of a crew cut, but I like it. People keep telling me I look like a marine .... me! A marine! Ooh I know!

And I see the lovely Adrian has left a comment in my review of Being Human that Russell Tovey is apparently 'family' ..... stalking now required.



  • At 12:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    George Clooney...... erm sorry where was I.....

    Ooo the stories about Stacey Bushes, it's a lovely place ?!?!?!?! heheee

    Shelley Xxx

  • At 5:15 pm, Blogger Nabu San said…

    David Tennant Appreciation?! Gawd, I'd LOVE to appreciate him ;) Hope you had a grand time!


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