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Friday, 8 February 2008

Just a quick one......

... you know, if you are passing my way.
Have 15 mins until my lunch is up and have read all blogs/doctor who sites already today so figured some kind of proper update is overdue.
Due to never getting flash to work on my pc in the office, they have switched me to firefox. So now the spellchecker thing doesnt work ... so from here on in, apologies for my fuck awful typing skills.
I now work at the cinema, two shifts a aweek. I had two hours paperwork induction, one shift working alongside somebody then off I went, let loose on the world. Except on my first night I got a written warning for being 25 quid out on my till. Turned out I had processed some gift vouchers as paid for tickets, but I didnt find that out until Sunday .... spent most of saturday out of my mind, mortified to the point of nausea over the whole thing. I do like the job there though, and with two or three shifts a week, it shoudlnt massively impact me and wear me out.
Saw Cloverfield last weekend. Have to say that I really enjoyed it. I was concerned that they would never really show us the monster, but it gets a fair amount of screen time considering the format. And that is the main thing to say about Cloverfield - just like its most famous previous POV blockbuster, The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield really drew me in. Because you only see what they see, because you dont get everything sppon fed to you Mister Men stylee, it left a lot of thoughts wandering around in my head - and this dear reader is what engages me most. Stick a spoon into my deranged mind and give it a stir and I am all yours. Provide all the ingredients, the oven and than bake the cake for me and I'll lose interest somewhere around adding two eggs..... until its time to lick the bowl - I always come back for that bit.
Adele & Robert are down this weekend. Did I tell you we went to see them in Stevenage a few weeks ago? No? Yes? Well, we did. And now they are coming to us, so I am v excited about this.
I also need to meet up with Rach at some point and score her fella out of ten. From the daily reports she has to file, in triplicate, signed and dated in blood or sweat, I approve in principle, but a final inspection is required before I can fully sign him off as acceptable goods. And Damien, if Rach shows you this, never be fooled. You are goods. To be inspected and stamped with a seal of approval or rejection. But I'll leave the poking to Rach..... But fear me boy....... FEAR ME!
Of course, Im not that scary really. But that just wouldnt make as interesting a blog post, would it?
Ok, yes, I am that scary.

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