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Monday, 7 January 2008

Love of Monsters - Scripted!

Yes, the Doctor Who fan project I have been writing finally came together as a script on Saturday! Its been over a year in the planning - about 15 months from initial idea to finished script. I can now start filming and chucking on youtube - I shall then put each episode on here too.
I had way more material than I needed, for the first time ever. Due to my very poor concentration, I usually leave horrendous gaps in shit that I come up with and have plot holes and flaws beyond belief - but this time I have a full timeline, history and chronology for my character (its a one man show) carefully and intricately woven within the Whoniverse. Fuck I hate using that word ... the whole "x-verse" bollocks. You watch, I'll be saying Quadrilogy next.


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