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Monday, 14 January 2008

Random Tyranny Isnt Easy.

Yes, the might of force that is Pete, Caroline and Rach descended on Cardiff this weekend.
We met up at the train station and due to comedy parking issues involving Dan not realising parking meters don't take notes, only coins, we had to squeeze all five of us into the car to find a spot to park. It wasn't too bad .... but The Waspinator doesn't like going over the ramps that full as it scrapes her undercarriage (ooh daughter).

A brief walk around the city, taking in various sites that featured recognisably in Doctor Who & Torchwood, a dive in Forbidden Planet and a very amusing troll around Habitat later, we hit the Hard Rock Cafe.

Now, i have to say, after eating at Hard Rocks the world over (well, London, Cardiff and Orlando) I am bit blase about them, but my guests seemed impressed at the venue. Until we tried to have a conversation and could barely hear over the rawk n roll. But when you went down from the restaurant to the bar, the decibels were distinctly less. I think they have wired the place up wrong. And of course, I get discount there for being a Real Radio employee, so five of us ate and drank for under 40 quid. GET IN!

The obligatory trip around Cardiff Bay followed. Including comedy posing with sonic and laser screwdrivers. I did wonder if I was boring the pants off them .... but by all accounts, they were loving it. At least i hope so.

Sunday I was suffering. I couldn't stay awake for more than 30 or 40 minutes all day. Bordering on narcolepsy! And now this morning, still as tired and grumbly of tum to boot. I am wondering of my migraines have evolved to being body ones rather than head ones .... its a possibility and to be honest, I can cope with being bollocksed and having the shits much better than the debilitating headaches.

And then, at 1.00 today, I have an interview for a part time job at a local cinema, to bump the income up a bit so we can afford holidays and the like. Fingers crossed. To this end, am working the David Tennant look of smart shirt and trousers with my converse and feeling quite marvellous. May adopt this full time.

Oh .. and almost forgot. Went along to Telstars for first time in months Friday night. New member popped along .... Conan! What a cracking name. He isn't some muscle bound warrior mind you, more of a geek chic type. With a very cute dimple in his chin. Had a brief chat with him and he seems really sweet. I have also been offered a small but delicious role in the play we are entering for the one act festival - you know, where I won an award last year ... did I mention I won an award? Oh ... 27 times? Anyhoo, this year its not a comedy but a very sweet and endearing three hander about two old sisters who live together and are being evicted from the family home into separate sheltered homes. Its truly heart breaking and I know that Teri will direct it brilliantly. I will play the inept social worker who tells them they are being re housed and not together. Cant wait.


  • At 2:08 pm, Blogger Pete Kempshall said…

    Thanks for taking us all round the city, mate - much appreciated! And yes, Caroline did have fun!

    Good luck with the interview!


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