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Friday, 25 January 2008

Smooth Criminal

Its been a shocking week. Last Thursday I went down with a bug that took until Monday night to clear, and then it vanished overnight completely. I spent 5 days feeling that every time I opened my mouth, spoke, breathed orally or swallowed, that I was about to spew. You know that feeling right before the retch, when you know its about 1.5 seconds away from Exorcist moments. .... but from Thursday onwards, no actual spewing occurred .. just that feeling. And a sore throat. And feeling like I could just happily sleep for 100 years. So last weekend wasn't great for me.
I did get quite a way through The Key to Time though.
Since then, I have had a new and rather brilliant Torchwood, cracked this weeks mission form the Torchwood online game, had another blood test to see if my Hepatitis vaccinations need boosters, been to see Enchanted and found it to be utterly utterly marvellous, Heath Ledger died and my first reaction was not shock or sadness (although they did follow) but 'holy shit, did they finish pick ups for Dark Knight?'
I have also been catching up The Mighty Boosh. Its my new fave thing, is Mighty Boosh. I have seen all of the third series, the live DVD, and bits of series 1 & 2 (the box set just arrived, so will finish those soon) and have tickets to see them in Cardiff in November. My favourite is The Moon. Go seek it out!
And joy and rapture ..... I now have the Twin Peaks Gold box set. Both seasons beautifully remastered and in 5.1 surround (not that Dan has fixed up our surround yet, I do keep asking. Don't be so fucking stupid, of course I cant do it myself), the original pilot - US and International versions, and a shit load of extras. Sure, its region1, but we have multi region players around the house, so its all good. Dan has never seen it, so I shall indoctrinate him. He will love it, or end up in the black lodge, forever.
And we had a bit of drama at work today. The entire first floor suddenly piled into comm prod gawking out of the window. I stood up (Leigh and I have the prime desks in the building views wise) to see a chav in the river and several policemen stood on the banks talking into their radios. The Chavatollah was lucky that the river has gone down, or he would have been swept off and I very much doubt he'd have lived. Still, as I said at the time, he is clearly a criminal or he would be running from the police so serves him fucking right. He made it to the waste land on the other side and slowly but surely made his way across to the railway line. All this time, one copper was stood by our side of the bank, reporting The Chavatollahs movements. He crossed the railway line, but was having problems traversing the fence .. and then had to cling to the fence for dear life as train went by. We could see him pressing himself close to the wires to avoid the train clipping him. It didn't. I was gutted. He just got over the fence in time as an officer of the law ran down the track towards him, spraying a mace or gas of some kind. He seemed too far away for it to do anything though. The lad then hid behind a car. With his chav white cap poking above it so clearly you couldn't have missed him. The policeman was a bit slower vaulting the fence (think Hot Fuzz ... Nick Frost's attempt, not Simon Pegg's and you're about there) but the lad seemed to have stopped running .... or was so thick he didn't see the copper coming. We could see the bobby shouting, and the lad hit the deck to be cuffed.
Graham has a mate on the force and rang to get the dirt on this one. Apparently, the gas was CS gas, or something, and had affected the Chavatollah. Hence impaired vision and getting caught. How did it not affect the policeman? he didn't have a mask or anythiung....... and after all this time, effort and money spent with cars, officers, equipment and the like, what was the heinous crime? he'd nicked a CD in Asda.
Be warned, crime doesn't pay.


  • At 6:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Told you Enchanted was good! Must go see it again sometime soon.

    And I'm sorry but you lost me on the Chav story as soon as you mentioned Nick Frost in Hot Fuzz... And my mind floats off elsewhere again...

  • At 6:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oops! That was John from Letchworth, in case you hadn't guessed!

  • At 8:46 am, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    Had kinda figured it out .....

  • At 8:01 pm, Blogger Nabu San said…

    Enchanted is amazing. God, Prince Edward is just pure yuminess. And the leather-clad gay guy opening the door to him was hilarious. But yeah, couldn't have put it better than you did - utterly utterly marvellous movie.

    Lol at the Chav tale and reference to Hot Fuzz. And Mighty Boosh, I started watching that recently - noticed a guy on the show was called Naboo, too! Talk about a weird coincidence! Anywho, hope you're feeling better.

  • At 10:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nick Frost is yummy so I drifted off too!!


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