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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Dont Stop Me Now....

So after Monday and Tuesday Kinda/Squee Squad madness, yesterday I got the call that location filming was happening not too far away and that for the first time in ages, David was on location. So natch, I was straight there after work.
As you can see from pic 1 in the prev post, the TARDIS was under construction when I arrived. The actors were on lunch, so some crew were buggering about with lights, TARDIS and rain machines. With about 100 of us watching. The usual Kinda suspects were there (Scott, Laura, Gareth, Mark & Simon) as well as Squee Squaders well in Squee mode after having photos with David earlier. They seemed to have a great amount of difficulties getting the roof on. Dan has a really shitty cold and was feeling rough, plus we had a dinner date at Maria's to get to, so we had to scoot just before 7.00 .... right as the actors came back. Bum. We did get a very nice smile and thank you from Bernard Cribbins. Bernard Cribbins! The man is legend! The voice of the fucking Wombles! I bow down in his shadow.
Then tonight is rehearsals for Watching the Magpies, so its another 11.00pm bed at the earliest .. and tomorrow is Rajar night out, back at the Hard Rock ..... so that will be 5 on the trot!
And who said I need to get out more!


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