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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Who What?

Ok, this post is going to be sort of spoilerific, so shy away now if you don't wish to hear the rumblings from the fan community.

Still here?

Sure you want to stay?

Ok good.
Probably talking to myself now, aren't I?
So latest rumour that has all the people, who in my head look and sound like comic book guy off The Simpsons, reaching for their keyboards and posting in earnest, is that the Supreme Dalek is back at the end of series 4/season 30 (depending on how traditional you are). It will be red (the controversy), a different gun (shock!) and have three 'ear lamps' - the things that flash when they speak and I am sure are just indicators nicked off an old mini cooper (scandal. Three! THREE!! Will I'll go to the foot of our stairs. Quite what I'm supposed do once there, nobody has ever explained. Might have a wank) and that when the internal occupant of said Dalek is revealed, it will be none other than Harriet Jones, previously MP for Flydale North and deposed Prime Minister. Initially, this does sound awful, but I do have to reserve judgement until I see it... if its even true. Of course, in this we also allegedly have every companion that ever lived and Davros.
One villain does a Borg Queen-esque entry .... ie the whole coming down on a crane thing I guess.

Roll on mid-late June!



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