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Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Yep, once again, a Pagan Festival sat snugly amongst a Christian one. And Ostara was actually a full moon too, so a small amount of barking ensued. By small, it was more of a gentle whine and a woof. But as Tesco tell us, every little helps.
Of my five days off from big job, I was working most of them at little job .... but at double time for Friday and Monday I wasn't complaining. Bizarrely, some film called Step Up 2: The Streets seems to be selling out at all showings - which surprised me as
A) Id never heard of it
B) Thought the 2 was a 'down with the kids' thing, not that it was a sequel. There is a Step Up 1 by all accounts. Who knew?
Still desperately trying to learn my lines for Magpies. Have now spent about three times the man hours digesting the script, than I did for Help last year, for a part about 20 times smaller ... and still only know three of my lines. And we are on in two weeks. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. Ah .. I'll get there.
Disease now completely gone. Lumps and all.
And had to have a bit of a 'why oh why' on Friday night, after BBC3 announced that they aren't showing the Torchwood series finale, so we have a two week wait until it airs on BBC2. That's right, fish us in with a juicy preview mid series, then leave us hanging at the end. Bastards.
Still no news on a time and date for Who ..... but suspiciously Who shaped hole at 6.20, Sat 5 April, BBC1 .... with an even more suspiciously Who Confidential shaped hole on BBC3 right after it .... so lets see.
And my special secret journo friend has been told he isn't getting preview discs for eps 1 & 2 ... BAH! I rely on him to drip feed me info and whip me into a frenzy. I'll have to get excited all on my own now. Luckily this year, I do have the lovely boys (and girls) at Kinda though .. so all is not lost.



  • At 12:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Radio Times has said that Doctor Who is on Saturday 5th April. It was mentioned in The Inside Story section which is about Torchwood..."But there's no rest for Barrowman - he's on I'd Do Anything on BBC1, hosting a new family quiz on BBC2 and, of course popping up in Doctor Who, which returns tomorrow on BBC1".



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