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Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Just a very quick breather before a few days of madness starts!
Tonight, after going to Asda (ooh the glamour), its last bit of cementing lines for Magpies, while doing some ironing (great way to work on lines ... its so dull and tedious the line learning seems like relief). Then tomorrow, after work its straight down the Bay for French & Saunders live at WMC. Actually not sure how I am going to cope. I have been fans since they used to be in Comic Strip Presents ... about 1982 ... so that's, what? 26 years? About the same time as I became a Madonna fan ... and I know how hyper I get at her gigs, sat half a stadium away. I am in the second row tomorrow night. *deep breaths.....*
From there, I have to dash across to drop Rach home in Swindon. Its a 3 hour round trip but it was that or she had to leave before the show ends, and I know I couldn't bear it if that had been me that had to leave. So bed about 1.00am!
Then up for work and straight to rehearsal Thursday, same again Friday and performance Saturday night!
Yes. I am having to miss Doctor Who to be onstage. Well, its not like I actually miss it as such, I will watch it recorded or on iplayer or such ... but I really didn't think this through, did I?
As part of this festival, I have been looking for guests to come along as we are hosting the British Final on home GDL ground. So I sent out a few mails to notable Welsh Actors and prominent actors in Welsh made shows... and waited. Yesterday morning, my phone rang. It had that echo on it as you get with very long distance calls. There was an awfully well spoken chap on the end of the line, asking for me! Voice was very familiar but couldn't quite place it for the life of me. And then he introduced himself as John Rhys Davies. You know, from Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings! Calling me! I was a bit stunned. I hope I was coherent for him. Anyway, looks like, work permitting, he may well be along to give out the awards.
Then ten min later, Eve Myles agent e-mailed to say Eve is interested too.
Of course, the British Final is scheduled to clash directly with the series finale of Doctor Who.... see how hard my life is?


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