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Monday, 7 April 2008

Partners in Crime

Ok, so the Doctor is back ... and then some. I shan't rabbit on about the plot. Because you either are a fan and saw it, or not a fan and don't give a shit. So lets just chat theories and shit, yeah?
Okies ... so the bees have all gone missing? Its a total throw away comment but I reckon that's coming back to sting us.
And the Adipose 'lost' their breeding planet. Again, almost thrown away as a comment ... but if we are building to something mahoosive ... you can bet other planets are going to be lost along the way
Who/what is/are the Shadow Proclamation? Some big council that oversees intergalactic law? Keep your eye on them too
And the biggie ..... Rose. Ok, so my theory .... that is the Rose we know, trying to come back to warn us about something. Then, she comes back in ep 11 'Left Turn' I reckon that wont be our Rose! Then our Rose will come back for 12 & 13 .... just you wait and see!
Ok, now for pictures .... and since I can never make this fucking work without stupid gaps, you are just going to have to scroll a lot.
How amusing was this!!

Rumours that obsessed onlookers had been making small models of the British Gas call centre out of mashed potato are unfounded.

And did you see this .... he skipped! Bless!

Look! Evita! You saw this and thought of me, didn't you?

And as soon as I saw the first picture, the back of the head .. I knew what was coming. What a great secret and so well kept - good an ya Upper Boat kids. You rock and I want hard bodily sex with each and every one of you. But particularly Ed Thomas, because he is fucking hot.



  • At 4:33 pm, Blogger Nabu San said…

    I recall hearing about the Shadow Proclamation back in 'Rose', I thought it was just a continuity thing. Sounds like an intergalactic law rather than a council to me. And woo, Earth's a Level 5 planet! Go us!

    My ears perked up when she mentioned the bees, 'cause I recall seeing a bee/wasp in one of the Season 4 trailers.

    As for Rose, I was just...wow. She looks like she's grown/darkened. Didn't crack a smile or anything.


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