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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Sontaran of Brunei

What a week.
Friday was mucho madness as it was Telstars night to perform both of our plays at the Glamorgan Drama League One Act Festival. Which means I have finally got shot of that fuck awful trophy .... don't get me wrong, it meant a lot to win it but by god is it ugly.
Festival days always mean a lot of buggering about loading and unloading set and props, everyone getting uber stressed for absolutely no reason (ergo me going into 'quiet mode' so I can actually just focus on getting stuff done rather than the flapping/blaming game that always seems to kick off in amateur theatre.
So we were on first and due to the set being too small for the stage, I had to spend the 36 minutes I wasn't on stage pressed up against a door. I entered and exit through it, but couldn't get to the wings without being visible ... so there you are.
The Unknown Theatre Company were on after us, with a play that got a very mixed reaction. Strong language and sexual references were made throughout, but as a regular reader here, you will know that I wasn't bothered by that. The performance by its very young cast was nothing short of stunning. Four very strong performers, held my attention from start to finish with a script that had no real narrative to speak of. Its one of those arty bollocks things that you either get or you don't .... and lets just say that a lot of it made sense to me. The poor girl who wrote the play took her own life at just 28 and from this text I can see how that came about - she had MAJOR issues. There were four streams of consciousness ... I think its up to the individual to interpret exactly how/who/what/why each one was about and I wouldn't presume to tell you. I could only offer what I took from it. The set consisted of just four office chairs on wheels with the backs removed for the cast to wheel about on, a hollowed out TV and also a laptop for internet and TV broadcasts and a large mirror. The four actors showed a great range of emotion from predator to prey, joy to despair and desperation .. and Id guess they were 17 at most.... no mean feat. As i say, not for everyone but I thought this was a powerhouse performance from the entire cast. My only one very small nitpick .... the dancing in the nightclub bit .... I'd question whether any of them have ever actually been in a real nightclub - nobody dances like that! Then again, as I say .... they cast didn't look legally old enough to have had the experience of being off their tits at 4am, with the sweats kicking in and heading off to Old Compton Street before the come down hits you. Not that I have you understand .... um ... moving swiftly on ....
We won the festival! Yay for us! Arse. I didn't want to, as further performances may clash with major Doctor Who transmissions. We had just better be on the Fridays....... but its all on points, so there are no guarantees we are through to the final yet.
Pootled about the weekend, had work Sunday daytime, then by Sunday evening felt like shit with a terrible flu type of thing that saw me off my feet until this morning. And still hacking like I am about to cough up a lung. Joy.
But to more important matters. The following Doctor Who spoilers have been posted on digital spy, and two are red herrings.
Both the Ood and the Adipose make a surprise appearance.
Unlikely methinks. Not so soon.
Wilf has been put on a macrobiotic diet.
Probably. But again, no line is a throwaway with RTD at the helm.
When The Doctor first reunites with Martha and learns that she is now a Doctor, he sings the chorus from the song 'Dr Jones' by Aqua to her. She is not impressed and calls him 'Mr Cheese'.
I fully endorse this as being true for no other reason than the song was stuck in my head all day weds for no reason whatsoever.
The Sontarans discuss their involvement in the Time War.
Of course .... after all, that's sort of where this is all heading this year, to tie up these four series and then move on.
The Doctor berates a child genius over his decision not to deploy the conditional clause in conversation.
And that will be a Shadow Proclamation reference you mark my words
A Sontaran leader is called a 'baked potato' by a human.
I called them potatoes as a kid, so yeah, why not.
The Doctor displays his squash skills - much to the annoyance of a Sontaran. It's not just cricket the Time Lord excels at.
I say yes ... but not what people think ..... he will bounce something off a wall 'squash stylee' - not actually don white shorts and a headband
Someone experiences death by Sat Nav.
A car does drive into a river in the trailer.....
Rose Tyler is briefly glimpsed for a couple of seconds when she emerges from the slime after being cloned by the Sontarans
Rose will be glimpsed .. but nothing to do with slime.... probably.

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