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Monday, 14 April 2008

Titter Not!

The Fires of Pompeii then eh?
Wow. Great sets, great FX, some cracking writing from the warped genius that is James Moran and a bloody great volcano.
Again, not going to go into telling you what happened, no point really. But further to my list of items to watch .... based on what we saw this week and what appears in the trailer for next week .... whats this about the Doctor and Donna being mistaken for a married couple everywhere they go? That's no accident, I'll lay!
And the Pyrovile soldiers ... I know they are supposed to look like Roman Centurions, but I couldn't help look at those heads and think of certain Transformers. See Terrorsaur's robot face in Beast Wars for a prime example.
And what did the girl see? Something on Donna's back ... hmm .. that ties in with ep 11 I suspect. She is coming back ... Rose? Or maybe not ... And this talk of a terrible decision, leading us to believe that this relates to the decision made to sacrifice Pompeii to save the world - don't you believe it! That's coming back at the end of the series, I am thinking, when the Doctor has to choose which of his companions lives and dies. Perhaps.
Watch this space!!

And I know I am twisted and evil and going to burn in hell for all eternity, but this just made me laugh



  • At 9:06 am, Blogger Nabu San said…

    lol yeah I noticed the married couple thing ;D Did make me laugh! But I hope the next episode's the last time they do it, 'cause it'll get stale eventually.

    What the freck is on Donna's back?! I was like, buh? Does she know about Donna's teenage tattoo or mole?! LOL.

    When I first heard that Augor say 'she's coming back', I first thought of the Doctor's Daughter lol. On my second viewing I was like - ah, must be Rose! Doi.

    Great find on the red herring for the terrible choice! Great theory on that!

    Did you also notice that Pyrovillia is 'gone', too? Just like the home planet of the Adipose. Even though they're thousands of years apart. But hey, they said a rift in time was opened up - so those Pyro-dudes may be from the future! I think your theory about destroyed homeworlds may be correct, and I'm sure it won't be the last time we hear about it.

    Finally, my GAWD I want Quintus. And his dad wasn't too bad either, imho. He was Sid's dad on Skins, yaay!


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