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Monday, 28 April 2008

Who's Right?

This weekend, was the legendary Vox Awards piss up. Radio Commercial Producers/writers, voice over artists and such all converge on the Hinckley Island hotel for an insane amount of alcoholic abuse. And .. joy of joys .... I had BBC 1 & 3 in my room, so managed to watch Who & Confidential before going down to dinner! I shan't bore you with ins and outs aside from mentioning an amazing rendition of Wired for Sound by Emma Clarke (you may know her as the 'tube lady' from the furore earlier in the year) & Richard Sweetman (you may know him as the Robbie Williams expert from that BBC1 lookey likey contest thing earlier this year), on roller boots complete with leg warmers. I have a chorus on video ... but my laptop has decided it no longer likes the samsung studio programme I need to use to get it off my phone ... but do hang on for it... when it appears, its worth it. Probably. Well, Rach will love it, anyway.
And so to my predictions for The Sontaran Stratagem .... wasn't far off, was I?
It has reached a point where they might as well set off sirens and have a big WARNING WARNING DANGER DONNA NOBLE sign every time they hint at her life being in the Doctors hands .... did I say hint? Its not so much a hint as a smack in the chops really.
But I really liked it! I had heard Martha was terrible in it ..... and that Freema was as good as a plank of wood ... but I totally disagree. I thought she played a very realistic Martha Jones, who has clearly grown and developed - even since her time in Torchwood. I thought she was superb.
And how much did I laugh at the Doctor mistaking Donna's request to go home for a cuppa? Genius. I didn't think much to the actor playing the child genius. He has one of those faces I just think looks better after I have punched it. As well as thinking how lovely his lair was and what a great job he'd done decorating it since Gwen and Rhys had their wedding in there.... And I am going to gloss over the Sontaran Haka .....
But see .... the cars emitting poison gases! Its all in the sat nav ..... Atmos! Did you notice the taxi in Partners in Crime has an Atmos sticker in it? Eh? Eh? That RTD ..... like I keep telling you - nothing is an accident. Love or loathe his writing style, he is a very clever young man indeed! And I think he's brilliant!

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  • At 4:45 pm, Blogger Nabu San said…

    A super genius called Luke? Sound familiar? Lol. I hated Luke Rattigan, and I hated him even more for having a bad American accent. Why not just make him British for goodness sake?! And he looked like SUCH a dork joining in with that Sontaran war chant thing.

    Speaking of the Sontaran's, I think they're probably the nicest villain's they've had on the show! They're so darn polite and well-spoken! Plus they looked like cuddly little midgets.

    As for Martha, honest to gawd I never liked her. Stale/bad acting all the way through the third series, and now in this ep too. She'd be good in theatre, perhaps - but on TV - just no. She just sounded so fake at the start of the ep when she was on the walkie talkie being all 'OPERATION BLUE SKY IS A GO!' And don't get me started on Martha's family.

    I love Donna, her grandad and even her mum(!) Can't wait to see what happens to them in next weeks episode. Poor grandad!


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