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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Snot Fair

You may not want to read this if you are eating
So the flu that knocked me down a few weeks back came back with a vengeance over the course of Wednesday, meaning that by 4.00pm I was at home, in bed, coughing so hard it was causing me to retch and vomit. The earliest appt my GP could offer was Friday morning and as I was only getting worse, I took it and went along. He listened to my chest, looked down my throat, and while I sat there hacking away like a blue sky miner, he looked me square in the eye and told me I don't have a cough. That threw me. I am fairly sure, and given I live with me 24/7, that I have been coughing continually for some weeks now. But its not a cough. Its a Chinese strain of flu that has some completely unpronounceable name - C strain. No cure. Minimum of six weeks for it to pass through you. So in theory I only have about 8 days left now .....
Apparently the horrendous hacking is caused by the insane amounts of gunk being produced in the back of my head, dripping down my throat. So he prescribed super duper strength sudafed and told me to drink lots of water, rest over the weekend then go back to my usual routine from Monday.
Well, Friday was a day like I have never experienced. I pulled several muscles from the extent of the hacking and retching. Food and sleep were something I hadn't experienced since the wee hours of Wednesday .. but I finally managed to get some dinner down me on Saturday night .... and also managed something very close to a nights kip.
The pain and coughing continues, and breathing is difficult at times. Not to mention talking .... that comes in fits and starts .. but today, I finally feel like there is some improvement.
And of course, the weather the past 7 days has been utterly glorious. And from my bed and toilet, the view has been great.


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