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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Ooh Doctors Daughter!

There we go, bank holiday weekend done with. Including a bastard of a migraine Sunday night, which lingered and left me feeling rough as fuck all day Monday.
And now, for Doctor Who continuity sake, I need to go all out of order. But that's dealing with time travel for you.
Saturday night and KI'n'DA's military themed party for The Poison Sky. What larks! Our lovely hosts Richie and Jeff put on a great night, with karaoke (I sang Cher. Well, sang is pushing it .. growled is more like it. And I was the only sober person who sang .... and its just as well they had all been drinking to put up with my wailing) quizzes on the playstation thing - that I won both times I played - and an extensive tour of the library from Jeff. Which is two units, but worthwhile all the same. And we all passed round a fake Tera Patrick arse and pussy doll that was delivered to them by mistake. And we played with the vibrating bits to much amusement. And of course, we all gathered to watch The Poison Sky. And how cool was that? particular highlights include 'back of the neck', Sylvia's no nonsense axe business, the fire in the sky (which surely would have burned up all the oxygen in our atmosphere?) and the latest surprise Rose.
Now, I have been thinking .... is Rose looking for the Doctor to warn him of the impending theft of planet Earth (see missing planets theory), or has she come back from the events which are due (we think) in ep 11 when the Doctor himself is stolen? Time will tell. What a cracking two parter!
But on Friday night, I had the privilege of watching this coming weeks episode, The Doctors Daughter.
The boards are alight with speculation about this daughter and where she may have come from ... and a few people are going to be gutted. Stop now if you don't wish to know.
She is made from a chunk taken from the Doctors hand ... not in the jar, but the one still on his arm. It uses technology to form all the bits it needs and forms a fully grown female, ready for battle. So she isn't a pre existing daughter, she is born there and then with the Doctor effectively Mother and Father to her. She does have two hearts, but is she a time lord? The Doctor is very nasty and bitter towards her at first, saying that every time he looks at her, he remembers his real family who are now all gone - and its in these moments that DD excels. The main story about warring factions of Humans and Hath didn't set my world alight ... but the consequences from it, the smaller character moments it gives Donna and the Doctor are what really stand this out. And the minor twist .. such as it is ... about the war, is something I doubt anyone will see coming.
And what becomes of the daughter? Can you say spin off?

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  • At 10:11 am, Blogger Nabu San said…

    You and your snazzy contacts. You saw the Doctor's daughter before Poison Sky! Not quite sure what I thought of the daughter from the trailer. I mean, she's so ruddy acrobatic. If she turns out to be a perfect blonde bubbly character with very little depth then probably wouldn't want a spin-off of her :P


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