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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Breathe Easy

Today is the first day I have not been coughing .... well .... maybe every 5 or ten minutes, but certainly not the continual hacking. I am probably back where I was about 4 weeks ago ... so perhaps that's how this works ..... or maybe, like before, just as I think I am better, it will knock me for six again.
Good news though - Watching the Magpies is officially in the Welsh Final for the one act festival. There was a bit of doubt on it as one of the other festivals top 2 plays scored extremely high, so may have pushed us out. Actually, they may still have pushed someone out - it just wasn't us! I'd better look at my script. Not really touched it since I came off stage a month ago! And as Kay became a Nan yesterday (William Gethin Baber, ickle dot of a baby), at least that is no longer hanging over things. There was some worry that the baby could come during festival, if early or late! We should be on the Friday .. but that isn't confirmed yet. And since its in Blackwood, its as close to home as its ever likely to be for me. And then we shall have to see if we make the British Final - in Swansea this year. The good news there is, that as the home team, we would go first on Friday ... so no fears of missing Doctor Who, as that's finale night. I could watch Who, then go to festival in case we won and I had to go onstage at the end of the night.
I now have my tickets for Indiana Jones next week. I am off work all week and Richie is coming down and we are going to be filming some stuff we have put together. Its actually going to be a tough schedule for us as we have a lot to achieve. But as I was quite adamant that I wanted to see Indy on day 1 and wanted gallery tickets, I had to book now to avoid disappointment. So we are at the 6.00pm showing - the first Dan could make after work. V excited. Also quite keen to see Speed Racer but goodness when I'll get there now.
And this afternoon I am off to take a brief for a chocolate factory. In my head I really want it to be a bit Willy Wonka..... I am sure the reality is going to be something of a let down.


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