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Monday, 2 June 2008


Ah, what a weekend.
Not a bad rehearsal Friday night. I lost the end of one of my lines, which sadly meant Suzanne's following line would make no sense at all, so things ground to a halt. It happens.
Saturday was a up early for a fire drill they didn't actually make us do as not enough people showed up. A quick shufty round Tesco to get food in for the evening and then off to the airport to fetch Ally, swinging into town to pick up Dan McGrath en route home.
From here on, Dan McGrath will be called other Dan, with my Dan as Proper Dan. The diligent will spot the reference.
So we already had the lovely Mark Leete down with us, so we all spent the afternoon watching some classic Who and drinking wine. By we, I mean they as I was flapping around determined the evening was a success.
People began arriving from about 6.15 and by 7.00 we were all sat around silently waiting for Silence in the Library. Which I thought was very good. Lots of still moments, incredibly atmospheric .... and lots of questions to be answered. Luckily, we had the second part to put on, so we didn't have to wait long .... just til about 10.30 .... so I wont say too much and will review it in depth next week. Largely as i cant quite recall which bits happened in which part and don't want to give anything away. I was right about the fate of Donna and the library people though.
We had a few drinks, lots of chat, a quiz that had some very sore losers - well one in particular bless him, and I should probably have made more lasagne as it went down very well.
Eventually, after being the last two standing (chatting in the kitchen) Ally and I headed to bed about 2.00am
Sunday was all about the low key.
dropped Ally back at the airport ..... watched the last three eps of Ugly Betty season 2 (not a patch on the season 1 finale .. although i did chuckle at Naomi Campbells cameo), bit of ironing, bed!
And now, quite frankly, I could go to sleep right here at my desk - but wont ...

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