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Friday, 30 May 2008

Host with the Most (toys)

I am sure there are other tales I should be throwing at you. I had no access to this for nearly two weeks ... my life cant be that empty!!
We went and saw the theatre last week where the Welsh Final for the one act festival is being held. Looks lovely on the website. Bit of a shit hole in reality. With no toilets backstage. And the audience chairs are a bit threadbare. really, no toilets backstage. And paint peeling off the walls of the auditorium. I mean, can you imagine having to hold your pre show nerves wee and poo from when they open the house at 6.00 until you go on at about 8.30? And we aren't even performing on the stage ... that's going to be used as a scenery store as they have no wing space. And did I mention no loo backstage? Not bad a venue for just your common or garden am dram production .... but this is the Welsh Final. I pity the poor fuckers who are travelling for about 5 or 6 hours down from North Wales ... but would like to be there to see their faces - it will be quite a picture.

Weds night was GREAT FUN! Our 7.00 - 8.00 walk in period sold out. Completely. By about 6.45. So we had a few hundred people in the queue, with nothing for them to go and see unless they wanted to come back at 9.45 ... and then seats were limited. And I'm not being sarcastic. I genuinely enjoyed work. Disappointing people I feel are below me on the evolutionary ladder (we are the nearest cinema to Pontypridd you see) is something I take pleasure in. Call me twisted.

And did you see The Unicorn and the Wasp? Fuck me hard with a wheelbarrow! i LOVED it. I am not a huge Agatha Christie fan, I think I read about 10 of her books when I was 11 or so.... so a lot of references were lost on me, as I suspect they were the general public at large, but how can you not love such campery delicious goodness? Only Doctor Who can be a show like that one week and a twisted horror the next (well, two weeks .. as we have had Eurovision in between).

Yes .. Eurovision, now that's worth a paragraph.
It was all planned. Get a Chinese delivered (food, not some young oriental man) while we slowly get pissed laughing at the rest of the continent who actually take it seriously, Goddess bless them. Do you think we could find a chinky that was open? Could we buffalo! All closed for mourning for the earthquake. Which is fair enough .... but on a Saturday? Id have thought that was not a sound business decision. I have checked with a few friends ... nobody else had this problem - just Aber valley and Caerphilly. But its their choice and left me with fish and chips and pissed off before the night even began.
And how we laughed.
Spain .. Latvia ... France ... what the fuck was that about?
And why did our entry appear to be a re write of Sydney Youngbloods If Only I Could? Honestly ... go you tube them both and see if you agree.

Still, Silence in the Library tomorrow (followed by Forest of the Dead for me .. but you mortals have to wait a week MWAH HA HA HA!) and we are hosting KI'n'DA's ep night. we have themed it ... everybody needs to come dressed as a librarian. I have made little library cards (laminated and everything) for all attending and shall be cooking a lasagne. Expect reports after the weekend!


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