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Monday, 16 June 2008

But Seriously...

... who the hell marks a play down because its too realistic?
Nobody I hear you cry!
Well, you'd think. Sadly, Mr Paul Fowler GODA, does exactly that. And I'm very glad he does too. Because it meant we didn't win the Welsh Final, so its one less thing for me to cram into my diary twice a week.
We went on and did what I think was actually our best performance to date. Despite the stage manager standing behind our set and chatting through the entire play, quite audibly too.
As you know, I don't stick around for all the after show bollocks as its not why I go onstage, but I hear I got a favourable adjudication, which was nice. Suzanne's was positive. Kay's was not. It was felt she pitched too high or too low. Les, the plays author happened to be in that night (and what a lovely man he is too. Very touched he came down and saw us perform) and he made sure that the adjudicator knew in no uncertain terms, that actually, Kay was spot on with her portrayal of Rose, since it was based on his own Mother. It was at that point, when pressed, that Mr Fowler admitted that actually what he didn't like was that the play made him uncomfortable for being too realistic. Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Realism? In a drama? That's where I have been going wrong all these years.
Now I am glad I spent most of the start of the evening taking the piss out of his picture in the programme.

And now for some long overdue Doctor Who catching up!
All hail the Moff! How superb was that two parter? I am thinking that River Song will show up during series 5 at some point ... that would be a nice touch. She is, I am told, the new series stab at Bernice Summerfield, but since they don't have rights to her as a character, they have invented River Song to be her in all but name. In which case, lets def see more of her.
I do love the way SM takes the most basic of human fears and makes you shit your pants even more over them. Piranha like aliens that live in our shadows, blink and the angels will get you. I am so glad I am not watching this as a 7 year old. I'd need therapy. Oh who am I kidding, I do need therapy!
And I want a future sonic. That was cool! It has a red setting. You hear that Master and your laser wank? Red. HA!
Then this week was the delight of Midnight. I was so not convinced by the premise. Sounded like they were doing a cheap ep to save cash for some explosive finale or something. BAH! I thought. And then that fabulous study in all things nasty about human behaviour came along. I know plenty about paranoia and how the voices in your head convince you of something from nothing in 3 seconds flat - you ask Dan! So it was a relief to see its not just me. RTD clearly has the same issues to have come up with that. Expected nothing, but it delivered everything. Its nice to be wrong once in a while ...
... which i wasn't about the title of episode 12. The Stolen Earth. Which i said about 2 months ago ... when most forum users were wittering on about War on Skaro ... and a few select cunts, I mean individuals, flaming me to the point I left the new series threads and haven't been back since. I am told that a friend of mine has flaunted it in their faces a bit, in my absence that they were wrong ...
And now, I await Turn Left, like Smeagol looking at his food bowl in the mornings. Cannot wait. Then again, should have it in my paws tomorrow or weds, so that's good.
And what else is to come? Pictures have surfaced of a certain big bad and a red friend of his, that may or may not feature another returning character in its innards. Not as excited about that as I should be probably. Kind of waiting to see on that.
But of course, last week was the milestone that is 37.
I came into work on weds, first birthday I have worked in 19 years! But this was so that I could have Thursday and Friday off to go Baldock way and see Mark & Andrew. We had a trip to see Wicked (yes, again) on Thu night, with the free tickets I had managed to obtain via work. Being comps via marketing, I was expecting to be up in the nosebleeds, but was quite content with that. Imagine my surprise when I found we were in the middle of row H! Right at the front. Imagine my further surprise to find me old mucker David Stoller on stage playing Doctor Dillamond! Then imagine my anger at the silly cow behind me who couldn't see over my head and insisted on fake yawning and tutting through the entire first half. Even when I turned round and had a go at her for being a selfish cow, pointing It I had a large section of stage blocked by the hair of the man in front of me because he had a mohican thing ... actually, I can recall the exact words ..."I cant see much over his hair either, but unlike you I am not being selfish and disturbing it for anyone else so SHUT UP". But being an ignorant type, I don't think she even realised I was talking to her. In the interval, I pointed out some empty seats and suggested she moved. Which she did.
After the show, we eventually (because we had to wait for ever for Mark to go for a bloody wee) got to stage door to try and catch David .. but he had already gone. We did meet the main cast though and got a few autographs. The girl playing Elphaba signed my ticket, which is now framed in our hallway.
Naturally, because it was Mark & I, the entire night was an absolute scream.
Then Friday morning, after breakfast at the hotel listening to a mother and daughter have a conversation about dogging (I kid you not), we went to the Broadway for our private screening of The Wizard of Oz. Well worth seeing on the big screen, no matter how many Christmases you have seen it on the telly.
I was working Friday night, chaos that it was. Working Saturday, working Real Patrol and at the cinema Sunday .... and now feel like I could do with some sleep.

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