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Monday, 9 June 2008

Flying, Forever Young

I'm flying my colors so that everyone can see
Isn't this the perfect place to introduce me
To say that I'm different I'm special it's true
Let the magic of my colors put it's power on you

Hello old friend
It's good to be with you
Time is standing still
Our love... shines true and bright, it always will.
My wishing star, Has guided all you do.
My empty heart you fill,
We still feel... forever young.
Looking back, We're just the same, As we were when we began, This love will keep protecting us. Reach for me and I'll take your hand.
When we're apart,
Just close your eyes,
And you'll see me waiting there.
You can always count on me, I will always care.
My special friend, Inside my heart you stay, You'll be with me until, The sun... shines through the night, It never will.
My little star, You'll never fade away, The hands of diamond still... and will be, Forever young. Step up and take my hand, One touch... and we'll be friends, Forever.
Hello old friend, It's good to see you too,
Time is standing still, For we'll be... forever young.
Hello to you, It's nice to see your smile, Step up and take my hand, One touch and we'll be friends... forever.

You'll need a friend to get a big job done
I guess sometimes two heads are better than one
You'll need friend to let your feelings free
Sure could use someone to talk to me
So make a friend and let me take you there
When you think nobody cares Nobody cares
Nobody cares like a bear


  • At 4:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Worth it for that last line...

    By the way, as you haven't (yet) returned to the subject, may I just say about the Who 2-parter by Moffat: Best. Episode. Ever.

    John, Letchworth


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