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Monday, 23 June 2008

Tournez A Gauche

So did you watch Turn Left?
So while not exactly as I had suspected, it was The Trickster involved ... ha!
I really loved this episode. While apparently quite light and fluffy to begin with, this one really began to plug on the emotional strings and some very hard hitting concepts, for essentially a family show.
From a very (potentially not PC) traditional Chinese market on some alien world, we go from having froths on noses and milk taches, to Martha being dead and a beautiful eulogy for Sarah-Jane Smith in the space of about ten minutes ... and it wont end there. As jubilant as the return of Rose Tyler is .... speaking as though she has grown too many teeth for some odd reason ... we are soon faced with the destruction of most of southern England, refugees, Torchwood giving their lives for us - just so we can start packing any non British citizen off to labour camps. That moment, the glances and salutes between Wilf and the Italian chap (whose name escapes me) is one of the mist gut wrenching pieces of telly Ive seen in many years. 'Its happening again' stammers Wilf, tears in his eyes ... beautiful ... and I fear, frighteningly realistic, were such a situation to happen.
Then, back in her own timeline, Donna recounts the story to the Doctor .... and its a great piece of work from David & Catherine. Totally conversational from Donna .. but we see the realisation, the hope and the horror in the Doctors eyes .... What was her name, what did she look like .... then those two words ... Bad Wolf ...
While I have been enjoying series 4 .. I have had in the back of my mind that I was still preferring series 3 .... until now .. and lets see how this final trilogy pans out. Of course, I only have a few mins from part 2 and part 3 to go ... and WOW.
Some select lines from The Stolen Earth, that will spoil nothing but may get you thinking:
"Disappearing bees. Disappearing bees. DISAPPEARING BEES!"
"Good, I like Saturdays"
"Harriet Jones. Former Prime Minister" "Yes, we know who you are"
"I'm taking you to the Shadow Proclamation"
"Doctor Jones, you take your orders from UNIT, not Torchwood"
"Mr Smith, I need you"
"Oi, I was there first"
"There's nothing I can do"
"Please don't die"
There, that should be enough to tease.

And so yesterday was my second Race For Life, in Swansea.
Or it should have been. but i spent the entire time stuck in a Peugeot.
I arrived brisk and bright at Real for 7.30am to load the Real Mobile and get off to the race to set up before any runners arrived. We load, we drive, we stop for a bagel in McDonalds. We arrive on site to find one wheel as flat as Lady Cassandra. And as they are setting up the race site, we now cant call the AA to fix it as they wont be able to get to us until the site is cleared. Then our producer realised he had brought nothing to record the interview with the actress who plays Stacey in Gavin & Stacey and can I pop back to the station (45 min drive each way) and pick up a flashman. Its 9.15 .. first race is 11 .... touch and go, but not impossible, so I get in his pool car and floor it back to Cardiff in record time. Except there is no flashman in his studio. Or the other studio. Or in news. Oh well, cant be helped, bit of a waste of drive, but if I floor it back again, I can be there to do what I am supposed to be doing at the stage. Then he calls me back ... Richard took it home .. can I go and meet him at Culverhouse Cross Maccy D's and pick it up ... well .. that about 20 min from work .. so a bit out of the way, but still do-able. Off I scoot. After going around the roundabout for the eighth time seeing only Burger King ... I realise I need to head off to the retail park round the corner ... and sure enough, find my target. Floor it back to Swansea .... but the main road in is a part of the course and has closed .... so I sit ... going about 500 yards over 90 minutes ... until traffic slowly starts to crawl down the alternate routes which they open once the bulk of the runners have gone .... and arrive on site for the last few to come over the finish line. 'Stacey' has left ... so there is no interview to even get any more. I just sit back, wait for the site to clear and the AA to arrive ..... and try and calm down. The easiest way to wind me up ... is always make me sit in traffic. Make me do if for no reason and its safer to just leave me alone.
But you know, I was getting paid, so its not all bad.

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  • At 7:04 pm, Blogger Nabu San said…

    ZOMG, Mr Smith I need you! Yaay!

    And that 'Please don't die' line sounds so Luke :D Though I could probably be wrong. Cannae wait till the episode! It's a gut-wrenching five days away!


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