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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Oi, Dave Ross, NOOOO!

Ok, I can now talk about The Stolen Earth properly.
First and foremost .... slight cop out to start with. After that dramatic ending, we don't pick up where we left off, but rather some time later. Initial pangs of wanting to slap RTD soon fade though as I begin to wonder where the hell they still have milkmen like that. Actually, its a rather charming place called Church Village, just at the top of the hill from the Doctor Who studios at Upper Boat and you can see my mate Rhys Nan's house in the background. And then we get what is clearly a motif for season enders .... if the Doctor is happy, bad things happen. Donna says that Rose coming back is a good thing, the Doctor lets his guard down for a split second to agree and WHAM The Earth gets nicked. Note to self: Don't ever buy the Doctor something he really wants, could lead to own death.
And then, we have 3 minutes of pure televisual fanwank spunkfest. Now do bear in mind, when I first got to watch this ep, there had been no leaks, no next times, no BBC1 trailers and clips. So the full appearance of Martha & UNIT, Jack & Torchwood, Sarah-Jane with Luke & Mr Smith was a total surprise. And I think it made the ep so much more special for it. And mine & Dans own running private joke of Mr Smiths fanfare gets its own gag!!! This is where RTD excels and will be missed .... he knows what we are all thinking .... and acts on it, so we all feel like he wrote it just for us ... not you .. just me ...
Marvellous reactions from everyone too, when the Dalek transmission comes across. Perfection as always, from the stunning Lis Sladen.
And by this point, The Stolen Earth has you by your balls and legs it, dragging you along, breathless. Desperate to keep up, but fairly sure you are going to need to go back and check the route for loose change when it finally lets go.
I loved Wilf. BC is a legend. So glad I got to speak to him on location once.
The Shadow Proclamation - what is Donna's loss to come? Well, clearly she's going to snuff it if you ask me.
Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister. Was that a call for help to bring the Doctor to them .. or a trap to lure him in? Did you notice the background to her cottage (he he .. cottage) when seen via webcam was Red & Gold themed ... now what else was Red & Gold in this episode .. .hmmmm... Plus ... 'Yes, we know who you are' from the Daleks - a running gag, or do they know.
Osterhagen key? Harriet certainly seemed very keen for it to not be used .. because she knows it will work? Or maybe its all a double bluff and she is playing Dave Ross at his own game?
Speaking of Dave Ross ...... I was shitting myself. I was not impressed with Julian Bleach as an actor in Torchwood. But the lad came good and proved my fears unnecessary. And such a great job from Neill and the peeps at Millennium FX too.
And how funny is Dalek Caan? 'I fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew and danced....' yes dear, I'm sure you did. Which of course, makes his prophetic 'ever lasting death for the faithful companion' prophecy all the more chilling. But its Donna, yeah?
So we have the Doctor and his chums reunited on an outer space Facebook and a mobile phone. Ive called the number ... its dead ... great reactions from La Tate when she asks who Captain Jack is ... but because Wilf isn't allowed a webcam, Rose is left out of the plans .... so heads to the Doctor herself.
Again, spot on performance from Catherine here, as she reveals Rose's appearance ... why don't you ask her yourself. If there is anyone out there still doubting Catherine's abilities, you need a reality check as you clearly cant tell a good actress when you see one and perhaps would be better off following Pobol Y Cwm from now on and leaving Doctor Who well alone, as its clearly a bit above you love.
And so, elated, the Doctor and Rose run to each others arms (why oh why was this not on a beach at sunset?) .. but . . uh oh ... the Doctor is happy ... and doesn't spot the Dalek behind the van!
Exterminate zap
And the Doctor is exterminated. But notice how only his left torso glows in negative..... it only got one of his hearts!
Jack arrives in the nick of time, leaving Gwen & Ianto being mullered back at the hub, going out fighting, like Owen & Tosh as Gwen so beautifully name checks.
Back in the TARDIS, we get a full on, energy spunking, vortex spewing regeneration .. maybe ... as we wont know until next week. So, my theories
1. Hand in jar .... referenced with brief shot at start of ep. Its holding him like an anchor, fixed in this body, so he will regenerate, but still look the same. This would mean David has the sole honour of playing two doctors - tenth and eleventh.
2. As above, but said hand then grows a whole second Doctor. This gives us the handy plot device of being able to fully kill off one - bound to Donna to seal the Medusa Cascade once more.
3. Donna will die. And ... SPOILERS BELOW stop now if you wish to be clean. Read on if you want me to soil you, make you dirty ... yeah, you like that shit doncha baby .... yeah ... oh sorry, back on topic.....

Donna also gets dropped off at home, because I stood and watched them film it. So given walls between realities are fucked, and she had a whole reality form around her, this Donna can peg it (she is continually referenced as something new anyways) and the Doctor can grab the Turn Left one from somewhere to take her place. He tells Wilf that she can never find out ... it all suggests some memory wipe .. or given Jack is about, some handy retcon.

Whatever it may be ... lets pray its not a reset button. Roll on Saturday!


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    "And then, we have 3 minutes of pure televisual fanwank spunkfest."
    Bwhahaha, as good a sentence as any to describe it :D


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