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Monday, 30 June 2008

Green & Sexy

We took yesterday, my first day off from my plethora of employment positions for 17 days (before now doing a further 13 with no break), to catch up some flicks.
The Incredible Hulk. Very good. Not as good as Iron Man. Very much in the vein of the 70s tv show. Nice nods to the show and the Marvel Universe. Mentions of SHIELD, Nick Fury ... and cameo from Tony Stark, laying another stone towards an Avengers movie, after the post credit one in Iron Man.
Sex & the City. I have seen ... maybe 5 episodes of this ... but Dan followed it so I did promise Id take him. Very good, but far too long. They could have cut the New Year montage in half for a start. I was slightly perturbed that they have clearly been stalking me to get the Kim Cattrall character right......
But in both .... BOTH ... films, I had to tell audience members to SHUT.... THE .... FUCK ... UP.
Starting in Hulk, we were second to back row, with some kids behind us. Now the kids were great, they had some noisy sweet wrappers, but that's about it. It was their fucking retard mothers, who had clearly been sent out so dad could watch the sport in peace, and had no interest in the film. Well excuse us, the rest of the audience, of we actually did want to watch the fucking movie. Ten minutes in, I got up, went over to them and asked them to shut up as they were disturbing the film. They didn't utter another word.
Then, we sat in a similar position for SATC. A couple, sat in the very back corner, insisted on chatting at regular volume, commenting and making jokes, though the film. After a good 40 mins, I leaned back and barked at them to shut up. Which they did. But then 20 mins before the end, some mincing queen and his hag, sat in the other corner started. They didn't need telling. They got a look .. and that was enough.
But why the hell does this continually happen? 9 films out of 10 that I see, either I or another audience member has to ask somebody to stop talking. And its not just me. Whenever I whinge about it ... and believe me I do .. a lot ... everyone I speak to has a similar story. Its really not a hard concept to understand. Large room full of people concentrating on one thing - if you speak, they will hear you and it will affect their viewing pleasure. There are even lovely (very 80s looking) graphics in the pre film sequence, asking you to not chat.
I'm buying a tazer.


  • At 4:12 pm, Blogger Nabu San said…

    Alas, I'm too much fo a wuss to confront noisy people in the cinema. :D

  • At 2:11 pm, Blogger Mark said…

    That's why, my lovely, I do NOT go to the cinema...

    The last time I went (As you should know by now) was to see Cloverfield in Feb, and we went Gold Class (Vue), which was (literally) above and beyond the gloriously unwashed...

    I would only ever go Gold Class now... it's worth the money to watch the show in silence.

    BTW - Can you add me to your list of friends please, bab?? xxx


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