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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

42 - spoiler but not teaser free.

Yes ... by means I shall not disclose, I have seen the episode of Doctor Who that will not be broadcast until a week on Saturday.
And you really don't want to miss it.
Plot wise, there is a feel of been there before with last years The Impossible Planet/Satan Pit 2 parter ... but the writing, directing and acting is beyond amazing this time around with the action set against the clock, as The Doctor & Martha fight to save themselves and the crew of a ship from plunging into a sun. But of course, being nuWho, that alone isn't enough as an alien presence is picking them off one by one.........

Ok, this exciting ... I am reviewing an episode in advance! This is fun!
The guest cast do an admirable job here, particularly Michelle Collins showing there is more to her than the Eastenders bitch typecasting she seems to have been stuck with for the last 15 or so years. There is lots here for Freema to get her teeth into too and boy does she. I have been impressed with her from the word go (not really counting last years Adeola .. even though she did a great job there too) while a lot of my friends have been down on her in favour of Billie. Freema .. if you ever read this .... Billie is great, but you, quite frankly, wipe the floor with her.
David also has his fair share of scenery chomping in this story and of course, he is nothing short of brilliant.
But ... as a fan who looks for these things I have two personal highlights .... Martha's Mother ... or should I call her Judas ... I fear she will have a price to pay and regret to deal with before 'The Last of the Time Lords' is over ... and The Doctor finally gives Martha the one thing we would all die for ..... which had me clapping and yelling for joy.



  • At 12:16 pm, Blogger Pete Kempshall said…

    Glad to hear it's going to be a good one - I've been extremely nervous about this episode above all the others, after writer Chris Chibnall's limp turn-out on Torchwood. I'll be thrilled to be proved wrong!


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