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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Its Oh So Quiet......

I am sure you are wondering why I haven't mentioned Doctor Who this week.

Well ... its like this......
I didn't get to see it until Sunday morning. And then I was a bit disappointed to be honest. Still loving Freema as Martha Jones. Hope she sticks around for a while. Kudos to the team for discovering her. David was a joy as The Doctor as always and Helen Rayner's script was nicely done ..... but its just a bit 'enough with the daleks now' for me. They were never a fave of mine as a kid, I always much preferred the Cybermen (they were shiny). Its just a bit pants to be continually dragging out the Daleks once a year.... it will get very like Star Trek did in the 90's when it was 'this years holodeck gets fucked episode' or for Voyager that awful fucking Oirish Village and don't start me on the tedium of the Klingon eps across all three shows.....

But back to Who. I did get a bit excited when they were running through the sewers, as that was the set being painted the day I went round them. Did I mention I had been to the set? But it just seemed like too much set up .. which is clearly going to pay off in part two .. but it just didn't really stand well enough on its own. If they had been shown on one night, that would have been ok .... I guess the kids were enjoying it with daleks and pig people and then of course the Dalek Rasta at the end .. but I dunno .... wasn't a stand out one for me.
And the tabloids are rife with news that Kylie may be in this years Christmas special. This got me very excited. Then, while drifting off to sleep last night, another thought occurred .... it would mean she would be coming to Cardiff to film it! Kylie! Here! On my doorstep! Serious stalking plans need to be put into action



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