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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Who Knew....

So, if you follow my other projects, you will know I am a contributor over at Sarah-Jane.tv
And as part of that, have been using my contact with Colin Teague (director of the Sarah Jane pilot Invasion of the Bane, two episodes of Torchwood and this years season finale to Doctor Who .. making him the first man to direct all three shows), to get an interview with him to put on our site. Colin agreed to do it, we asked our readers for the questions, selected the best and off we went.
Today I had a mail from Colin, as I had said it was probably easier to do the interview by mail and just send him the questions to answer as and when sort of thing. Part of his reply was this.....

Send the questions through to this address - Also I will need to chat to Julie/Russell just to check they are happy with what your asking and I'm replying and as mentioned before I will need to have final proof copy before you guys do with it as you wish

RTD and JG reading my work? Possibly even knowing my name.... it was exciting enough Colin showing me around the sets ...... excuse me while I go and lie down for a bit....

Oh ... and what the fuck is this about? Nutter!



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