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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

The Show Must Go On.... Again

So, you are both (yes, my two loyal readers....) itching to know how the show went.. possibly.

Well, it was quite good. I am fairly sure I needed to slow down some lines, but given I am doing full pages of A4 at a time for most of it and playing an angel who is camper than a row of pink tents performing the greatest hits of Barbra, Judy and Dolly, it just kind of runs away sometimes. I did manage to get some lovely ad libs in too to cover some cock ups ..... ie when I pour Suzanne a glass of wine in the 'cheese and wine tasting' scene, we had only ever once had a prop to rehearse with ... and the top was already off. Last night, it wasn't. So after my line .. Here, have a drop more .... I poured to find nothing came out. My fault, I should have thought to check. So I quickly had to say ... ooh, would help if I took the lid off really! Which got a laugh ... so being the only character who interacts with the audience and shot them a look and said 'What? i am an angel, not God' which again got a laugh.

Murder at the Wedding was a different story. Its set in a 1930's radio studio and is done as if we are live on air. So, we all read our scripts, and do our own sound effects as there is some pre amble with the tech ops about the fx being broken...... Most of the cast sit stage right. Jo, Suzanne & I sit stage right as we consider ourselves the stars (in character .. not in real life) and above the others. They cramp around two their mic's ... the three of us have our own and woe betide any fool who uses our mic! We quaff champagne (grape juice as the festival rules state no alcohol allowed onstage or off) but last night I had a major coughing fit and was worried I wouldn't be able to speak .... luckily it was ok by the time i stood up to solve the murder as DS Roger Velvet. Now, we all feared that Roger's voice was going to cause much hilarity ... we have been doing this since December and it is only the last few days that the cast have managed to keep straight faces while I talk .. because Roger has a severe speech impediment. He cant say R's S's Y's or L's. And he has to say things like Lululu, Millie, Yes ... giving things like Wuwuwu Miwwie and Wess .... you can imagine ..... Teri our director, still cant keep a straight face the moment I start talking. So an audience of about 70 people was potentially going to hold up the show .... but not a titter....... so now I wonder if they just find it funny because they know me and maybe the voice doesn't actually work at all ..... we shall see when we do it again on Friday.


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