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Sunday, 8 April 2007

Im the Easter Bunny

Except I'm not, clearly as everyone knows its Geraldine Granger from Dibley.

So what have I been doing now I am on day 4 of my 6 day break?
Did I do the decorating? Not yet.
Have I spent a lot of time in the gym working out? No siree.
Have I sat around on my lard arse eating chocolate? Fuck yeah!

This weeks Doctor Who was a vast improvement. In fact , I fucking loved it! On a sunday, I watch it again with the audio commentary on (and record it for Josh) which sadly wasn't much fun. Last weeks with Freema was waaaaaaaaaaaay funnier.

We have been out today .. had a trip down to Penarth and a wander along the sea front .. then spent an hour trying to find the house they used as the exterior in The Sarah-Jane Adventures ... but didn't. It appears I was driving along the right road but just failed to spot it.


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