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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Moon Barking

So it was moon barking this weekend...... the full moon was listed as April 2nd, so I had planned on it being on Monday night, but I think it was actually the early hours of monday (so although technically Monday 2nd April, it was actually Sunday night by my way of thinking). It was an interesting one this month, so thought I would share..........

A mate down here has suddenly had a life changing opportunity and I was asking for guidance for him. But I think somewhere along the line, I dug a bit deep and ended up getting told what he thinks of me .... and I am not sure quite what it all meant. It was all in a dream and I was on gaydar (except it was a much more detailed version of gaydar where you had tabs at the bottom of the page where you can add notes about people in your lists and stuff) and when I saw he was online and clicked on his profile to drop him a message, it somehow logged me in as him. I could then see all of his notes ... and naturally wondered what he said about me. There were all these headed columns for apt notes and in the box marked 'is he my friend' he had written I know Paul and I know Paul. Then further over where it said 'where do I expect things to go with him' it just said wait for the wheel.

Plus I had woken up in the wee hours on Monday to see the moon was already full and had asked then too ..... and woke up with an old song by All About Eve in my head that I seriously haven't listened to since about 1989..... the particular lyrics were.......

Cant see the woods for all of the trees
Cant hear the wind for the breeze that whispers
reach for the stars cuz they're sweeter by far
than the moon though she's brighter and closer to you
what kind of fool lays all that's precious to waste
what kind of fool leaves all their treasures to rust in the rain
you'll need it again when they sky clears
what kind of fool wont discover the jewel till the dust clears
fools like us

so make of that what you will.

Plus ..... after I had had a bark, I heard a guy scream up on the hills somewhere, so was quite intent on healing him, if he was genuinely an innocent in need. We shall see


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