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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Who is coming back

Long term readers of this site will remember when I went to visit the Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah-Jane Adventures set back in the Autumn.

I can finally show you the bizarre 'shower cubicle' that was stood in the props area. All Colin would or could tell me was that 'an old friend of the Doctors comes back in that'. My first instinct was Ice Warriors, since they were strongly rumoured to be making a comeback. RTD has since insisted they aren't. So second guess was the black Dalek who we know comes back in the 1930's New York story this year. But it doesn't look very much like a dalek would fit through the door to be frank. Now, given all of the unconfirmed but being leaked left right and centre reports of the return of the Master................ officially a bit damp over this prospect.
Yes, this is a screen grab from the official site, so head on over there and see the rotating backgrounds for hints of lovely Who goodness to come.


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