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Friday, 9 March 2007

These dreams.....

and no, this isn't a post about lesbian fantasy objects Anne & Nancy Wilson. As much as any female admiring readers may wish it was.

I had a very restless nights kip last night. I am not entirely sure why. It may that I watched the latest ep of Battlestar Galactica from the downloads last night and was VERY unhappy with it. VERY. The fact that Starbuck died didn't bother me .... I don't think she is even really dead to be honest ... but it was all so pointless. They have been leading up to this special destiny crap since season one .... so as we stand right now, this special destiny was just to commit suicide? Now.... i know those of you who have seen it will probably say that she isn't dead its actually a thing about going to the place between life and death and rah rah rah .... but the ep was slow. It was billed as being the most important and influential ep of galactica ever ... and it was boring and nothing happened until the death at the end .. which had no impact on me as i was just bored and pissed off by then. Not like when Aeryn buys it at the end of season 2 of Farscape .... I was a wreck for hours after that one!

But I digress....

My dreams......

well, one long dream to be exact.

I am on a plane. With Alex. We re going to America but are only on a tiddly 737 thing .. anyway, as we are over Spain (not that you would be flying from London to the USA, but its my dream so the plane can go anywhere I want it to, ok?), something goes wrong and we have to land in the water. I think we are actually near Lanzarote by the time we are in the water. The plane is floating nicely and the staff open the doors as we are getting quite warm now the systems are all switched off. Eventually, the captain gets a message saying we need to head to land as there is a chance the plane might start taking on water and sink. I am fairly worried about this, as will lose my luggage.
The trolley dolleys popped out the inflatable ramps and rafts and we all empty ourselves into them. Each wee dinghy holds about 8 people ... so it was quite a fleet ... with no oars so we are paddling by hand. And surrounded by sharks. I actually touched one as I paddled and given it ignored me, I inform the rest of my boat they are clearly safe and we continue ....
Land is quite literally about 200 yards from the plane (so why the hell didn't they send a boat to us dammit?) but we do have to round this little bank of rocks to get to the quayside and beach. Its a charming little resort, with kids play area, deckchairs full of fat Spanish woman in red and black polka dot dresses (fuck knows where I get this detail from. Any good therapists out there?) under large parasols and lost of little shops for ice creams, tacky souvenirs and stuff.
So, we have a bit of a wait but they sort us out a plane to get us to America but our luggage is damaged beyond salvage so we will be taken shopping as soon as we arrive and furnished with new clothes and stuff.
So here we are .. back on a plane.... for some reason being flown by two blonde girls. It transpires that this plane is almost out of fuel and we have to do the best we can to get as far as we can and then pray. I sit behind these girls in the cockpit for a while, watching them try and dodge mountains as engine after engine stops. Finally, engine 3 gives out ... and all we can do is point and steer as we slowly glide downwards. After a very close near miss with a grassy mountain, where the two girls scream and curl up away from the controls .... I take over.
We are very high up (just how fucking big were these mountains???) as we are above cloud and even towns are barely visible. As we glide lower, there is a large plain between two mountain ranges ... and the lower we get, the more I can see it is made up of a massive city, that has lots of roads and houses ... none more than two storeys high ... and all of the roads run through the direction of the valley - none cross it at all, but there are about 20 lanes of motorway. I am doing my best to steer us to a plain and think I see one..... but it turns out to be even more motorway and I just land us there and hope for the best.
We have landed in Holland (you know, the place that is just known for its mountain ranges). even in the dream I am amazed we ended up in the land of the Dutch when we were in in the canaries and headed for America.
We leave the plane and are taken to a very old fashioned railway station ..... think how Kings Cross looks in the Harry Potter films or the one in Paris in Moulin Rouge. Aside from us from the flight, everyone else seems to be an orthodox Jew and male. And talking Russian. Don't ask me to why or how I know, just accept it was Russian and move on, yeah?
Now, i don't fully remember after this but I do know it carried on and we ended up on a third plane but don't know if we ever got to where we were going.


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