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Wednesday, 7 March 2007

There's a party going on in atomic city

or so Holly Johnson is currently telling me as I continue to put my backlog of old MTV tapes to dvd.

This song reminds me of a guy called Barry I was at sixth form with. He had a serious girlfriend but I was convinced he was/is gay. Not seen him since 1989 so I can only be left to wonder.

Well, I now know my lines for the play .... well mostly .... some of them keep coming out in the wrong place and I have two pages still to go .... but they are all short enough ... I will do them later today.

So with all the house cleansing yesterday, I continued today and have done all of the washing and ironing, washing up and given the cooker and surfaces a quick once over too. Oh, and there is now a pasta bake in the oven to be ready for when Dan gets home as he is on half day today. And I feel like a woman from a Doris Day flick ... just not that western one ...... with any luck, later it will become a scene from a Swedish porn flick. Just less moustaches......


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