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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Extras! Extras! Read All About It!

So, I have Peter Pan Special Edition on pre order. The extras list as follows:

Disc 1:
Audio commentary from animation historian John Canemaker
'Peter's Playful Prank' animated storybook
Disney song selection
Sneak peek of the new Disney movie 'Tinkerbell'
Disc 2:
'The Walt Disney Christmas Show': a 1951 featurette
'The Peter Pan Story': a 1952 featurette
'Tinkerbell: A Fairy's Tale' featurette
Reconstruction of an alternative opening for the Peter Pan movie
'Pirate Song': a song deleted from the film
'In Walt's Own Words: Why I Made Peter Pan' featurette
'You Can Fly: The Making Of Peter Pan' featurette
'Neverland' lyrics with music from Richard Sherman
Smee's Sudoku Challenge: interactive game
T-"argh"-et Practice: an interactive game with three different levels of difficulty
Tink's Fantasy Flight: an interactive game

However, if you buy the 2 pack set with return to Neverland, the extras for Peter Pan list as:
Peter Pan - Special Edition Disc 1: Audio Commentary w/ John Canemaker
Peter's Playful Prank: Story Book
Disney Song Selection
Sneak Peek Of All New Movie Tinker Bell (Featurette)
Peter Pan - Special Edition Disc 2:
Virtual Flight with Peter
Music Video: "The Second Star to the Right" performed by T-Squad
Music Video: "Never Land" performed by Paige O'Hara
Deleted Song - The Pirate Song
Camp Neverland Smee's Sudoku
Camp Neverland Tarrrget Practice
Camp Neverland Fantasy Flight
Camp Neverland Game Intro and Win
Easter Egg - Additional Soduku Puzzles
English Learning Read-Along: Peter Pan
The Peter Pan Story (1952 featurette)
You Can Fly: The Making Of Peter Pan
Tinker Bell: A Fairy's Tale
In Walt's Words: "Why I Made Peter Pan..."
The Peter Pan That Almost Was
Still Frame Galleries

Aside from the fact that Camp Neverland just sounds too good to be true (really, think about it), there do seem to be two sets of extras. Now, its possible that the original list was before it was all finalised and the two pack is a definitive list, which will in fact be the same as the ordinary pack. And then of course, there is the version that comes with a story book.

Why the problem? Just buy the one with better extras you say? Well, I would but .... I already have Return to Neverland exactly as it appears in the two pack set .. so if the extras on Peter Pan are the same, regardless of which set you get, I'd be forking out an extra £8 (around $12) for nothing. And yes, i could just wait until it hits the shelves and check it out - but with a pre order on play, it usually arrives the Saturday before its due to hit the shops on the Monday .... oh ..... bah!


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