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Monday, 19 February 2007

Set your watch and warrant on it....

This morning I arrived at work to find several e-mails in my inbox regarding this:


I read all seven Dark Tower Books in one year. It just happened that I started reading The Gunslinger on January 1st 2004 .... as Dark Tower 7: The Dark Tower was released that Autumn. I got lucky, some people had to read the story over more than 30 years, with a ten year wait between books 3 & 4 on a fucker of a cliffhanger.

Never heard of the Dark Tower books? Potted guide for you:

Crap. Its not easy to explain.

Um .....
Well, its the story of Roland, the last gunslinger and his quest for the Dark Tower. He picks up a gang of followers (his Ka Tet, in his language) and off they go. Through the series, he pops over into our world, meets Stephen King (trust me, that's weird), tells the story of his passage into manhood, chases down The Crimson King - who pops up all over Kings work and kind of gets a bit Arthurian on our asses.
Ok, so I am nowhere near doing it justice, but we are talking about 7 books here ...... and the last four are fucking HUGE .....

But King did say that volume 7 was the end .... and it was .... and a beginning .... and now we have another chapter in Roland's life. And they are in talks to get it filmed as a series of movies or tv mini series............... its all too exciting for words.


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