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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Songs for my Valentine...

Points if you can leave in the comments where the title of todays post comes from....

Yes, its that day of teh year where the news is all bout:
1. How much we spend on valentines
2. How sad a fuckwit you must be if you dont get anything.

Which is all a load of bollocks. I buy stuff for Dan all year round. We treat each other whenever we can. Its just how we are. Hence for valentines day, I got him three things:
1. Some clothes pegs. Its a League of Gentlemen joke. Want to buy some pegs dave?

2. A Battlestar Galactica Viper mark VII (or is it VIII?)
3. Scar the Cylon Raider.

See, no tat, just a joke and things he wants.

And this, is my song for him for today.

In the morning I'll wake up with you
There's not anything I would rather do

You are more than you'll ever know
And your love teaches me to grow
You are more than my everything
And your love gives me wings

Like a butterfly
And I'll dance in the sunlight
Like a butterfly
From the day into the night

Your touch
Is the one thing I know is true
My mind
Is completely devoted to you

And it mightn't last more than a day
But I'll take my chances anyway
'cause my heart is saying it's for real
No-one else has made me feel this way


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