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Sunday, 11 February 2007

Sunday bloody Sunday

OK..... just so you know ... I got home safe.....

I left the office around half one and got home just after three.

Its a 12 minute drive.

The traffic was almost not moving along the A470 ... and I only have to go one junction from The Morganstown/Radyr/Tongwynlais roundabout to the Treforest/Caerphilly exit. Then up Nant Garw hill....... the actually had marshalls (not like marines... just council men in hi vis outfits) to help cars who got stuck. It was those two roads that took all the journey time. Once up to Caerphilly, the roads were clear and not even icy ... just slush so I could drive pretty normally from Trecenydd, Abertridwr and Senghenydd. It was odd how the main roads, packed with traffic were just like sheets of ice but the quiet roads were clear as anything .... i guess slow moving traffic allows the ice to form whereas flowing traffic means it gets pulped ... or something.

ooh .... just looked back at that passage ..... lot of Welsh words going on there .... so for my non local readers, here's a quick pronunciation 101....
Radyr - rhymes with Badder
Tongwynlais - Tong Win Lice
Garw - Ga roo,
Trecenydd - Tree Kenneth
Abertridwr - Abba Trid Er
Senghenydd - Sen Genneth ... make it rhyme with Kenneth....

Spent Friday in once I was home .... rehearsal was cancelled .... so got to stay in and catch up on Ugly Betty.......

Then Saturday was a lazy day too until about 5 when we nipped out for the evening to meet a new friend. A VERY cute guy called Jeremy who lives just over Caerphilly mountain from us. And that went well .... its always good to make new friends, especially hot gay ones.........

So here I am watching Charmed season 3 (I joined the show in series 6 so have now gone back and doing catch up) and have noticed that Julian McMahon seemed to have a hair issue back then. Seriously .... it was a mega obvious transplant thing going on for the earlier part of the season that seems to have grown in now...... Then again, its not like I'd say no if he offered.


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