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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Looking for Linda

And not the song by Hue & Cry, even though I was quite fond of it at at the time. It was 1988. Music wasn't in a good way particularly. Well, now that I say that, actually I can think of a few good tunes from the era, but there you go.

No, I just wanted to mention an entry on BTV that I just read (for some bizarre reason, although I visit Bsabas TV daily, only today did the last 4 updates appear on my pc ... I think we have been having issues here at work and it was using a page from memory rather than looking for the new one ... or something... oh fuck off, I'm not a pc wizard).


Go and read it then.

Go on........................ I am not lifting another finger until you do!

Back? Ok now, like me, you probably have a picture of Linda in your head. Is this what you see too?


Just wondered.............................

In other news. We have discovered powerball in our office. Well, by we I mean Me & Graham.

This handy gadget is very good for training for many sports such as tennis, squash and golf. Its gyro action helps strengthen the wrist lower and upper arms and shoulder. Its recommended to assist people suffering from forms of arthritis. I suspect it also helps with wanking.

See, the little yellow ball on the inside spins round and has gyros in it, meaning it kind of goes all over the place .... but once started, you have to manipulate its continued movement and increased speed yourself by keeping it going in a circular motion as it works against you and also tries to work its way out of your grip. The version we have here also has a rev counter on it, so you can see how fast you have made it work ... and of course, being boys with toys, we are trying to outdo each other. After just 2 mins on this thing, I could actually see the difference between my right and left forearm (being right handed, I had been using my right hand you see). Of course, even though I am flat broke, have used what should have been my petrol money for the next 7 days to order one of my own and am now praying my sales director comes through with the Tesco vouchers I won 5 weeks ago as fuel warning light is already on. Still, with forearms like Popeye, I can just drag the car home.


  • At 8:17 pm, Blogger Ruby Tuesday said…

    Linda: Worst. Employee. Ever. Thing is I have great affection for Comic Book Guy because he reminds me of Pete. No, not in the way you think - it's just we both love him. Even on the biggest day of Pete's life I felt the need to go up to him and say 'Worst. Wedding. Ever.' Er, maybe you had to be there...

  • At 8:42 am, Blogger Pete Kempshall said…

    But since invitations were at a premium and we even turned away Alf off of Home and Away, you probably weren't.

  • At 9:09 am, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    Even Alf was turned down? Did you have Hello! coverage?

  • At 10:00 am, Blogger Ruby Tuesday said…

    Hee hee. I was there - ruining the wedding pics and boring everyone with the news I'd met Alf a few days before. Oh it was a fabulous day and the first (and only) wedding I'd been to outside. it was like Dallas...but with good taste xx


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