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Monday, 19 March 2007

Oh what a beautiful morning

This was the view from my backdoor (steady on...) as I left for work this morning.
Yes, after what was very nearly a week of hot summer days, the weekend turned very wintry on us. Saturday brought with it a shit load of rain. Like torrential, get fucking soaked just dashing the 10 feet to the garage to get the car out soaked. However, the big Six Nations Wales v England rugby match did mean that instead of having to beat fatter people with my water bottle to get onto a cross trainer, i was one of about 5 people in the whole of the gym. And as our cross trainers have personal plasma screens, I didn't have to watch said game but got to watch a bit of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and some thumpin'-mash-up-wicked-choons on chart hits tv instead. I had the pool and steam room to myself. It was lush.

Sunday was Mothers Day and since I am not financially in a position for a trip to Luton (its about £60 round trip in my car including the £5.10 it costs to get back into Wales. Ok, this may need explanation.... it actually doesn't cost money to get into Wales per se, but they charge you to come over the bridges at the Severn Crossing by Bristol to pay for the upkeep of the bridges. There are other ways around but it means B roads and a lot of fucking about, when the drive around the M4 is just much easier) we just went to Dan's mums instead. We had sunshine as we got up, hail by 11.00am, then rain, then sun, then some lovely rainbows as we drove over to Newport, then blizzards when we got home. Hence the picture this morning. Sadly the roads are clear, so got to work ok. Could have used some more kip.

Officially over Battlestar Galactica right now too. Last night I watched, last weeks ep (will download last nights tonight, if you follow). It has become the most boring show on tv. ever. well, perhaps not ever but they seem to intent on making it all about the drama and the characters and not a sci fi show, that they have forgotten to include a story worth watching. Even Dan was bored............ and he watches Stargate for crying out loud.


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