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Friday, 23 March 2007

My Father, Sandra.

So I have just had a very confusing e-mail conversation with my Dad.

Dad: if you in Luton this weekend we are filming for my movie so come round we will fit you in it......

Me: bugger. cant get there this weekend.............. but thank you for the offer! and why have I not been cast as a young you?????? bah!

Dad: bessie and the kids were in the Sandra Bullock promo that was shown to promote PREMONITION last week in the US and many other places... I will send you a still

Me: Sandra bullock is playing you? my god she must have let herself go.

Dad: she is playing me... its on now in the cinema

Me: confused? in premonition she plays a woman whose husband keeps existing and not... its not about dreams and things according to the blurb

So lets be clear about this. Sandra Bullock:

See her? All feminine n stuff.
In Premonition, from what I can figure from the trailer, she keeps waking up and her husband is dead, then not dead, then dead n shit..

My Dad:

Not very feminine. Married to Bessie. Regularly dreams the future with alarming accuracy and then turns up on shows like Richard & Judy and some show in Japan to talk about it.

And no. I don't look like him. At all. Frankly.

Just got this back after I enquired further on exactly how the world was supposed to believe that Sandra is a man from North London .....

she is the project made the documentary to accompany her film, I think then the DVD is released our documentary will be on it...

So .... the film, is an idea taken from work my dad has done in the USA on dream predictions. He has then been in a documentary, which will be on the DVD to show how the film actually started out based on real life events from his life.

And there I was hoping that the midget psychic woman from Poltergeist was going to play my mother.............


  • At 12:21 pm, Blogger Ruby Tuesday said…

    So what's this Luton movie then?! Is it for general release?

  • At 1:40 pm, Blogger Pete Kempshall said…

    Right, let's get this straight.

    You don't look like your dad, who doesn't look like Sandra Bullock, (who presumably doesn't look like you either) but who is playing your dad in a film.

    Because ...?

    And if Sandra's playing your dad, who's playing you - Charlize Theron?

    Need a lie down. Room spinning.

  • At 2:41 pm, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    Roo: I am trying to find out more.... am v confused by whole affair now.

    Pete: I am played by the dwarf from fantasy island last I knew.... he does it very David Tennant so I am told.


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