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Thursday, 29 March 2007

My point of View

Most days is this. Its the view from my chair of my desk. Well, part of it.

Starting from Bottom left ....

1. Pad and pen. This is my scribbling pad. I have a tidier one that I take to clients but use this one for writing ideas and thoughts on. Moving up the pic you can see the corner of the phone, some post its (not invented by Romy & Michele) and then..

2. Powerball. Oh yes. The Popeye arms continue. And just above them you can just make out..

3. Mating turtles. Theresa brought these back from Greece.

4. Dalek Easter Egg box from last year.

5. David Tennant Doctor Who figure

6. Venom

7. Snowglobe. One side has Sarah Brightman from I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper, the other has Kath & Kim. Above that is no pretty much just the view out of the window down onto the river Taff. So back from bottom of the pic .....

8. Keyboard .... that is typing these very words you read. What devilry!

9. Papa Lazarou mug. Its my mug now Dave.

10. Empty glass ... that I keep for my ribena.

11. Lindt bunny. Oh yes.

12. Pen holder thing. The fluffy stuff at the top is a Cars pen and a Tigger pen next to each other. Both light up but are hard to write with.

13. Star Wars page a day complete sextet calendar. And no, its not a sixtology ... exactly how there is no such fucking word as Quadrilogy. ITS A QUARTET YOU FUCKING NUMB NUT CUNT TWITS. Sorry, I get wound up over that one really easily.

14. My screen. That is rubbish and too dark but they wont fork out for a new one ... hang on ... think I have just found the cause of the increase in my migraines...... on top of this you can see my mirror and my two beanie dogs.

So there you go. Now you know what I see as I write to you lovely people most days.


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