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Friday, 13 April 2007

G4 have split up!

I am sure they are lovely boys .... but my fucking lord of all that is holy they were rubbish. I always just wanted to get that twink lead singer of theirs and stuff a cotton bud up his nose to clear his sinuses. Then ask him to sing and see how different it sounded.

I do feel I need to share highlights of the press release with you........

Despite selling 1.3 million albums (two of three albums went double platinum and platinum) and fans buying tickets for sell-out concerts (how else do they think concerts sell out?), the boys discovered that life in a band didn't suit them and have decided to go their separate ways. (do I smell queenie strops? And saying that being a band didn't suit them is a bit like saying brunettes didn't suit Hitlers vision....)

The four guys from G4 went to university together and all had different dreams for the future (so why the fuck did they inflict themselves on us as a group? Surely actually following their different dreams was a better idea?). Having spent two and a half years putting their long term ambitions on hold they now realise that they are not suited for pop band lifestyles and have all decided to move in different directions if they want to remain close friends. (confirmation of queenie strops.... or like ABBA they have all been inter group shagging and its gone sour)

Jon Ansell, keen to continue in the music industry has plans to go solo (for the love of piss, please tell me he isn't nasal boy). Meanwhile Mike Christie is working on writing a musical (how? they only ever did covers of good songs and made them into operatic accapella wrecks) and Matt Stiff will be teaching music (at the Helen Keller School of Performing Arts). Ben Thapa has plans to move to Ireland (because nobody there will know him) to work as a professional tenor in opera (ah yes, those famous Irish Operas ... like 'Feck ma wheres me Guinness' and 'The Commitments 2: Ma Butterfly Ya fecking eejit') . He will continue with his charity work for the Mental Health Foundation and also plans to finish his novel.

Don’t miss your chance to see the boys on their farewell tour:

Actually, I think miss them is something I wont do at all...................


  • At 3:28 pm, Blogger Pete Kempshall said…

    Being on the other side of the planet I have absolutely no idea who these people are.

    I can feel your envy from here.

    And one of them's putting out a novel, eh? Bet it lands a monster fee and has gets more coverage than Becks's barnet.

    Just not down here ;)


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