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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Games Without Front Ears

Ok, so even for me that's an odd title ... and it still wont make perfect sense with the post but just stick with it, ok?

So we were playing one of our favourite games in the office over lunch today. Tree reads out a pop lyric from a quiz, I then have to sing the song back to her and see if she can tell what it is, and then see if we are right. With two particular entries today, I have even amazed myself. Recognise these?

'You could have turned around and hit me and I wouldn't have cared'

'Blue jeans and chinos. Coke Pepsi and Oreos'

Guesses in the comments please..... and no cheating by googling it. I am willing to bet Roo gets them......... especially that first one.

Other games of ours you may like to try.
Tube Tag. I have mentioned this before. Select a goal/genre (we tend to go for cheese) and send your team mates links to you tube videos. Each one has to better the last..... Hours of fun guaranteed.
Now That's What I Call Music Knowledge. Quizmaster finds a compilation album listing on an online store (we use play or amazon. You need to get a Now album or similar that features "40 top chart hits" sort of thing rather than New Woman or some bargain bin tat that will feature songs from across the history of the hit parade). Then by only giving away the release date of the compilation, they list the artists and you have to guess which track of theirs is featured. We find you can add more thrills by stating a rough percentage you expect to get correct, once the featured year has been mentioned but before any artists are revealed.
We sure know how to party here in comm prod*

*if you are just dropping by and don't know me .... I am taking the piss .... these games are only fun as it relieves the tedium of writing yet another bastard advert for a fucking car dealer.


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