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Monday, 16 April 2007

Hello Toby

My wrist hurts. My left wrist before you get any funny ideas. It was shifting furniture that did it.
So Lets go back and tell the weekend story properly.
Friday. Rehearsal. Still cant get my lines about the disposable razors right. I have been working on this one act play since the beginning of December. I have known the lines for some weeks. I check my script every day and even during the scene prior to the razors, I stand to one side and say every line word perfect. As soon as I am standing with Steve Kibble trying to sell him the razors, i fuck it up. I just always seem to think that I have more to say than I actually do and trip myself up. Its a bugger for sure. I skulk home in a sulk with myself over it. I text a few people who I know were watching Ugly Betty tonight with the message 'Duck sauce'.

Saturday. Up early to pick up a transit van as today Dan & I are being paid to empty Real Radio Wales' Swansea office. Its an easy enough job but does need two trips, a small amount of heavy lifting .. which is where I pulled my wrist .... and of course its in scorching sunshine. Which is fine .. I'd rather that than I was getting piss soaking wet. Of course, this all had to be done by 7.40pm for Doctor Who. Now, this week was potentially going to be controversial. It was scheduled later than usual due to some football match, which had it gone into extra time, would have meant that Who was not shown at all this week. Had that happened, you would have heard my anguish from wherever you are in the world reading this. Fortunately, the very unattractive blokes in the red shirts won by 3 goals ... (i think it was a Manchester team. That Rooney bloke was shown a lot with his shirt off, so whoever he plays for). Why oh why oh why are we constantly bombarded with endless hours of sport! Is this really what the programme makers think we we want? Are we all to be taken for fools? Wake up aunty beeb and grant us humble license payers a little bit of intelligence please!
But what a cracking ep we had this week. Pete .... skip to the next paragraph NOW......... lesbian grannies, S&M cats with her virgin slaves, macra.... it had it all. And of course, the face of boe revealed his secret. The Doctor is not alone ....... now, if you then watched Doctor Who confidential, and listened to the episode commentary on Sunday, further clues were given. I am paraphrasing a tad here but Phil Collinson said that although the face of boe says the Doctor is not alone and the Doctor still claims to be the last of his kind, neither are actually wrong and that the revelation will be who the face of boe really is ....... so is the face actually the last incarnation of the Doctor? If so .... we saw him die! or is he just another time lord ...... or the master? Time will tell.

Sunday was a return to the decorating. But we need a filler for the walls, so I could only do a small amount. It looks OK though .. for my appalling painting skills especially. Alas, we also had a bit of an issue with the house. The pilot light on our boiler wont stay on. It lights when you do the ignition thingy ... but goes out as soon as you release the little grey button thingy. Its been playing up for years by all accounts, but has always come back on until now. Luckily, my mate Jeremy is having a new boiler done and has recommended a plumber to us! Disaster averted (plus, the shower heats its own water .. so given we don't need heating on at the mo, its really only washing up and cleaning that need hot water so we can do that with the kettle).

I woke up to two messages from people in the theatre group asking if I could deliver the futon of ours they are borrowing for the play, down to St Albans hall where we are performing tomorrow. Sadly, my car is v small and even dismantled, its never going to fit (the futon, it would be silly to dismantle the car). So I nipped down to work to borrow a pool car or the real mobile (big bugger people carrier) for an hour as given it was a Sunday and we only have 1 news person in and that's it, there should have been about 3 cars spare. But of course, as it was a sunny day everyone had had similar ideas and no cars were to be found (and nobody had signed them out but that's by the by). So I couldn't get the futon to them. i went back home and watched Pans Labyrinth instead. Highly recommend it but don't watch if you are feeling a bit down .... you could possibly end up topping yourself as its a bit of a weepie in places.

And just why has Christina Aguilera done some mad re-write of the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B? What was the thinking there? She was all winsome being a Genie in A Bottle, wrecked her hair and got her minge out being all Dirrrrrty, turned into something resembling Hulk Poodle at the Moulin Rouge ....... and then thought she'd go all WI on us? What's next? A ruff and a harpsichord makeover of Greensleeves? I despair.


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