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Thursday, 19 April 2007

What it must be like to be Madonna

So there I am, just nipping to the loo, when as I pass through reception, Tie A Yellow Ribbon comes on air as part of the golden hour. Loving the kitschness of it all, Maria, our morning receptionist and I have a little jig to it. I then proceed to the loo.

While in the cubicle, Bobby, one of our breakfast presenters comes in and starts talking to himself (how I knew it was he ... I don't take to hanging around the loo .. well not at work at least). I commented on how marvellous the music was sounding and we had a brief chat over the cubicle door......

Next thing I know, as I am 'cleaning up' etc he is talking about us dancing along. And then proceeds to mention that I am no long er dancing but doing something else that they cant mention on air ....... I cant even take a dump without it getting broadcast to the whole of south Wales......


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