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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Time Goes By, So Slowly .. or not.

So it was a three day weekend. Didn't fucking feel like one. Don't feel I have had one day off, let alone three ... how the hell can i be this tired? Perhaps I am dying. But probably not. I hope.

So Friday. Was let off work 30 mins early ... but by the time I had organised my work, sorted out the dishwasher, turned off the fridge so I could clean it upon my return, logged off and got out, it was more like 20 mins early, but that's fully fine. Went around to Kay's and finally met Nerys' friend Natalie. She has av ery famous Aunty you know. Dame Shirley. Oh yes. Natalie is lovely and absolutely hilarious. Dame Shirley is neither of these things, so I hear from people who have worked with her. Dan joined me there, we had a quick barbecue, then went back into town to fetch young Toby, who was visiting.

We went for a lovely walk up the mountains out the back on Saturday afternoon. We were supposed to go to Swansea to see if the fucktards from the council have repaired Dan's house so we can sort it out, but a trip to the cashpoint revealed that Dan only has £19 in his account. I have about .. um ... £3 ... to last us until I get paid on 21st ... and I was almost out of fuel and food wont last that long. Bum. So I have now booked next week off work so I don't need to think about fuel for that.
Sunday was ... um .. I think we went to Asda. Or was that Saturday ... think it was Saturday now I say that and Toby very kindly picked up some bits to see us all through the weekend. So what was Sunday? Oh bollocks. I really have no idea.
Doctor Who was ok this week .... wasn't entirely convinced the CGI was much cop but we had fun spotting the locations ..... mostly the museum and the national assembly building.
Really, what the fuck did we do on Sunday?
Monday was some sitting around before dropping Toby back to get his train home. The scamp very kindly gave us some cash to get a bit of food and enough fuel to see me through this week ... so we are pretty much sorted now ... then chatting to Rach later in the day, she said she will sort out the nibbles for our Eurovision party-ette this Saturday.

I have the coolest friends. They both said that I would do the same for them if the tables were turned. Which I would, without even thinking about it. Still knocks me for six when people are so kind back to me though.



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