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Friday, 27 April 2007


if you follow my adventures elsewhere in cyber space, you will know that I write for a Doctor Who spin off fan site.
For that site, I was arranging an interview with a guy who worked on all three current shows of the nuwhoniverse.
I sent him the questions, and he was running them past Aunty Beeb to see what he could tell us ... bear in mind, they weren't about whats coming up or anything but more to do with what it is like to work on the show, some technical questions on how one becomes a director etc. And we were totally given to them dictating what ones we can answer and how much Colin could say.
They have denied us any of them.
I had an apology from Colin about it a few mins ago. Bless him .... even though, reading the mail its not his usual style at all so i suspect that he may have been given it as a corporate response......

I am really fucked off about it. Like REALLY FUCKED OFF. Not with Colin, with the BBC. They are so fucking precious about it, its not true. Erm ... who pays the license fee? Who pours all the cash into the franchise in merchandise .. I think that may be the fans. People like me and you. So why the hell, when a small group take the initiative to be involved, shouldn't we? I'd stop watching, but just me wont make a difference.
I'd understand if I had asked to take a coach party around the sets at Upper Boat (I can give you directions should you wish to descend on their top secret location en masse. They have pissed me off now, so cunt flaps to them and their hidey hole)

Its just wank.
I hope their children all look like monkeys



  • At 1:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Even better, turn all their kids into Dalek/Human hybrids!


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