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Friday, 27 April 2007

Fastest Writer in the West (Wales)

I am in smug mode right now.
I turned a job around in 33 minutes today. usually we ask a minimum of three days....

Just got some random tales from the last 24 hours for you really.
We have training every Thursday afternoon. Yesterday was a pub quiz .. a mix of questions on our radio group and pop music. My team won, of course. Largely due to my superior knowledge of inferior pop music. I did win a superb double cd though .. its a bit random ... amongst the likes of Amy Winehouse, Snow Patrol and Oasis, there is suddenly The Lighthouse Family..... perhaps it's just there mid tracks to cleanse the palate .. you know, like a cracker between courses.

From there, I hit the gym and did a very hard workout .... mostly because I was watching the Paul O Grady show for most of it and was enjoying it too much to notice the time.

I then stopped to chill out on Caerphilly Mountain. Notorious for dogging and cruising. Had a lovely chat with three other queens (by chat read: stood around judging everyone else who turned up ... particularly the 'straight' guys up to pull other guys) and then headed off when a very rough looking married couple in their 50's arrived, clearly after some young buck to do the wife while the husband beat one off or filmed or whatever it is they do. Each to their own I say .. but for crying out loud it was broad fucking daylight still! You don't catch me in public woods in daylight hours with my tadger flapping about. That's not to say I don't do it, just that you wont catch me. I am far too good at it for that.

Had some odd dreams again. I was in a jungle type of environment in a large group of people. We were kind of on some holiday and were lost ... we weren't supposed to be there as such, something had gone wrong, leaving us lost in the wilds with all of the animals on the loose too. There was some scene of us grouping together to try ad survive a stampede of Antelopes, Gazelles, Buffalo and Bison .... the guy who i was hiding behind had a large leather belt that he was thrashing around to physically knock the animals away with.... because that would work, right? A few hundred hulking four legged beats are easily thrown back when you hit them with a belt as they charge at you full force...... Later on, we were being attacked by Tigers ... and there were Lions nearby too .... (sadly no bears, so I cant do that particular punchline) and at some point, rather than being all real and scary, I turned into Donald Duck and the whole thing was a cartoon. We managed to get back on the ride we had apparently fallen off, which I can only describe as like a kids train ride .... I had to squat down to sit on my little coach which was the last one. It went around a very pastel pink and blue tunnel with the now cartoon Lions and tigers below us and visible through wire mesh sections of walls and floor. Then i woke up for a wee.

My second dream, i was at my mate Jeremy's house. It was the early hours of a Sunday morning and although I don't recall, I think the inference was we had been out clubbing or such and were now just chilling watching the end of Back to the Future Part III. As always in dreams, it was his flat .. but it wasn't.... it was very similar but his sofa was in a different place... and then he shagged me rotten on it ..... which was a pleasant enough dream as he is well fit.

And so .. because I am still excited .... here is the full details on the winners of the drama festival.

2007 ‘Cruise Missile’ - Swansea Little Theatre

Kindly donated by Member Groups
In fond memory of Bob McTurk,
Member of the GDL and Chairman of the DAW.
2007 ‘Jo West’ Telstars Theatre Company – ‘A Little Extra Help’

Kindly donated by Mr Alan Churchill of
Tellyads Video Productions, Nantymoel.
2007 ‘Jonathan James’ - Players Theatre - ‘The Bridge’

Kindly donated by Stan Wells
In affectionate remembrance of his beloved Bea.
2007 ‘Paul Robinson’ - Telstars Theatre Company – ‘A Little Extra Help’

Kindly donated by Jean Howell, G.O.D.A. (Bristol).
2007 Stars Performing Arts – Enthusiasm - ‘Beauty is a Beast’

Kindly donated by Mari Major
For the most promising aspects of Youth work.
2007 The Unknown Theatre Company – ‘Dancing on Checkers Grave’

And finally (look at me going all news at ten!) its the last day of the Western mail poster giveaway that I wrote those ads for .... since I have copies in the office to show you .... here is today's (its reversible Jackie...)


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