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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Happy Beltane

You can find out more about Beltane here. Essentially, its just the start of Summer for us Wicca types though. Of course, that and the full moon tomorrow and its a bit of a barking-fest all round. I will probably just do both lots tomorrow night and just say my Beltane prayer this evening.

So ... when did we last speak? Friday? Ah yes ....well in my sulk, I went up to Penarth and watched the Sarah-Jane Adventures filming for a while. That was fun. They are there today and tomorrow, so might nip up again tonight.

Cant quite remember Saturday. Think we may have done some painting or something.
Sunday was a trip to Asda. And something odd happened as I pulled out of the alley next to the house. I put my foot on the clutch and felt something metal give way.... like a pin or something and suddenly, not only did my clutch go up and down, but also from side to side. It still works ok at the moment, but is just very wobbly. Of course, this is another bill to add to the broken boiler. I am clearly being punished by the universe for booking a holiday and spending all of my disposable income this month. I thought I was being nice and taking Dan away fro his birthday. Shows what I know.

Yesterday was Giff Day. It happens every year here at GMG Radio. Dave Gifford comes across from New Mexico and does intensive training with us. Now, i wont bore you with any of it ... but he does have a few phrases that he says a lot, as most public speakers will do. So, to get us through a very heavy day, Tree & I had a competition. I was counting every time he used the word dig (as in 'ya dig?' or 'do you dig it'?) and Tree was counting the phrase True or False. At lunch, I was 7 behind. By next break, I was two in the lead, at afternoon tea, Tree was 5 ahead of me due to a whole session based on using the phrase true or false as a sales technique ... but I won the day by four points clear. Get in!
We had to get a coach there and back, Tree & I played the act along a lyric game on the way there and hang man on the way home. I had a particular stroke of genius with my mime for can during a song ... you can probably figure it out. And then, on the way home, Tree had no idea what Big Time Sensuality was! I was stunned.. between demonstrating my incredibly serious dancing we used to do back in the 80's to Automatic by the Pointer Sisters. I thought little Elle pants was going to fall off her chair laughing.
The venue was Cheltenham Racecourse. Never go there for a function. The staff were rude and the food was vile. I survived on a some coleslaw and a chocolate brownie ... and diet coke with red bull. Which then kept me going all the way home, through a tougher than usual workout at the gym .... and then I collapsed. I got in the car to drive home from working out and could barely lift the key to the ignition ..... slept like a log.

I have put some lists together for some amazing tracks to listen to en route to the vox awards later this month. Oh yes, its going to be cheesetastic.


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