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Thursday, 1 February 2007

A Week in the Life.....

So something lighter now. The last 7 days of my life.

Friday: Day booked off from work. This was part of the plan to get more from the weekend since Dan & i were taking the trip back East to see friends and family. You kind of lose your break by spending too much time rushing around on a regular weekend, so we booked off Friday and Monday to ensure we got a rest. This of course does not explain why its only Thursday afternoon and I am beat. We took a trip into Cardiff, Dan got a hair cut and flirted outrageously with the cute young thang doing the cut. Like hello ... I was sat four feet away! Ah, who am I kidding. I didn't care a hoot. I just want to watch if they get it on. I am a perv like that. I needed to buy a neck strap for my new work pass ... wanted Peter Pan or glitter and got Mickey Mouse. We had a drift around Forbidden Planet in search of a titanium die cast Battlestar Galactica toy. Nada. Had a subway, bought a ton of bath bombs from Lush and then left town ... in rush hour.
We then stopped off to say hi to Kay, while waiting to see if I got a call to go to Luton that night ... the call never came and we eventually left Kay's after Ugly Betty and a ridiculously large greasy burger from Uncle Sam's. I had the blue cheese one - YUM!

Saturday: Up, bathed, in the car to go to Baldock to see Mark. This is of course Wicked night.
So, Dan has a big sore on his heel due to new shoes and Steve came off his bike mid week so neither of them were much good on their feet, meaning we chose to drive down to Cockfosters and tube in from there. As there are 6 of us, this means 2 cars. I followed Mark down the A1 for fear of The Tumbler not keeping up with The Protonator.
At Hatfield, he pulled off the A1 and headed off towards Welham Green. Given it was about teatime on Saturday, there was no reason to think that the M25 would be a problem so I was confused about this diversion ... and made Dan call Lyanne to tell Mark we were going the wrong way. Apparently, this was a better route according to Steve's dad .. and turns out he was right! Until we got into Potters Bar and Mark sailed by the sign to turn left for Cockfosters.... So I gave Dan my phone again...... apparently they were all chatting and forgot where we were going. I wonder where that road would have taken us?
So we turn around, and they follow me back to the junction so that I can find my way to Cockfosters tube station car park as I had been there before. Once there I had to change into my gold shirt and silver platforms ..... which looked great but was a dumb idea as will be apparent later.
A quick tube ride to Victoria from Cockfosters (change at Finsbury Park) and there we were, right in front of the Apollo Victoria with a huge billboard for Wicked above the main entrance. We were an hour early so nipped off for a bite to eat first, the took our seats.
We were up in the upper circle, which gave us a great view of the elaborate decorations around the edge of the set. And then the people sat in front of me, leaned forward to be more comfortable and totally blocked out my view of the main stage. After minute or two of the show starting, the girl next to them was asleep and I had told them they cant sit forward as it blocks my view.... and after all, its all about me, right? They grudgingly sat back but then made a big deal of holding their programme up in my way to look at the set list every 10 mins.
15 mins into the show, it transpired the 6 of us weren't quite in the correct seats and all had to move up one to allow some other woman to have the end of the row. Or we were correct and she was just put there by the front of house staff as her seats were double booked .... we weren't quite sure.
For the entire show, there was always at least one person from our section trolling up or down the stairs to the toilet/bar/concession stand/merchandise shop/outside for a smoke. Not least the couple in front of the people next to us. The longest they both sat in the seats was about 7 mins ... otherwise one of them or the other was up and down and out and............ grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Then their mate finally woke up 90 mins into the show just as the first act ended. WHY? Who books a ticket for a show, travels all the way to London, just to get piss fuck drunk beforehand and sleep through the show? And who also spends a fortune on tickets and then cant wait an hour for a drink and has to get up continually through the show, thereby ensuring you have no idea what is going on! Fuckwits.
The show was magnificent. despite the continual interruption. However, my knees were dead. I hadn't though of the impact of sitting in a lower chair when your feet are raised an extra 5 inches off the ground in platform shoes..........
Waiting at Finsbury Park tube station, we had the fortune of standing next to a poster advertising a particular charity for people with mental or physical disabilities. The name of the example used was Mark ..... now, as you can imagine, this meant much hilarity for us as we had Mark with us and spent minutes making all kinds of derogatory comments about our Mark. In an absolute classic Robinson case of not mocking the afflicted, the first stop our train stopped at, the doors opened to reveal a full length, floor to ceiling poster for the same charity, this time featuring a downs syndrome lad. His name ................. Paul. Why do I never learn?
We returned to Mark's and sat out in the conservatory until 2.00am chatting.

Sunday: After a leisurely lay in, we had a brief chat and scooted off to see John and Steve, then on to mothers and finally a drive down to London to stop by and finally give Richie his birthday present. Left there after all the traffic had gone for the evening, and hit home about 1.00am.

Monday: Other day off. Did nothing. Chilled.

Tuesday: Back to work................. watched The Keeper of Traken & Logopolis

Wednesday: Training session at the Celtic Manor Resort. Finished at 12.00 and then went for a facial on the company. Back home by 3.00pm and had some work I had taken home....... watched Castrovalva and new ep of Ugly Betty

Today: First day of my 28 days on atkins diet. So far eaten, bacon and eggs, chicken and a pepperami. Only drank ribena. Bored already.

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