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Wednesday, 10 January 2007

This is just a saga now

The car is back in the garage, and with any luck may even be road legal by the time I finish work today. For the love of all things good, please let it be ready and fixed. See, the thing is they are fixing the brakes system at a cost of £300 (which is a deal they are doing as its me because Heather is lovely. If you are in Cardiff and need your car fixed, do take it to Three Arches Services and say I sent you) but there are no guarantees this is actually the cause of the problem, its just the most likely cause. So if £300 later, its still not fixed I dont know what I will do. Ask them to write it off probably and kiss The Protonator goodbye. Still, with 3k I should be able to get a decent replacement, which is what the insurance would shell out for her.

Today, Big Brother arrived in Cardiff. I am going to nip down and audition tomorrow but doubt I will get past the group excercise again. I never do. As disappointing as this may sound, when I see the freaks and nut jobs they accept, I always kind of feel a bit better that they didnt think I was one of them. Of course, should I get through, I wont be able to tell you anyway.

Our news team interviewed me about the whole thing yesterday (why try and get some audio form the people down there when you have somebody in the upstairs office willing to whore their vocal chords and opinions on a subject? right?) and so I am currently hearing myself at around five past the hour, every hour and hating the sound of my own voice. I didnt think this through.

And how good was I last night? I allowed Dan to watch an episode of Stargate as its one that hasnt aired in the US yet so he hasnt seen it. Even with Ben Browder, I just cant be doing with Stargate. Didnt like the film and after several attempts to get into the show, i just cant. I'm not sure if its a hang up from them getting renewed but sci-fi cancelling Farscape as they couldnt afford both shows. Perhaps. Whatever though, it bores me shitless. I had a kip on the sofa instead as was worn out from a hectic day out and about with Chloe, seeing clients, in torrential rain and zero visibility. I am a nervous passenger.

Which leads me to an odd thing. Have you ever had somebody refuse to let go of your hand during a handshake? And just what is the accepted duration for such contact anyway? A second? So what do you do when two seconds later, they still havent let go? And what if you actually have taken steps away after saying goodbye and they stepped with you, still holding your hand? Is that an invitation for fellatio? Or just a cultural difference if the person appears to be of a different religion from you? And what if this happens three times in 15 minutes? After a triple extended handshake, I dont know how long to leave it before I call them back with their scripts.


  • At 6:30 pm, Blogger Kevin Charnas said…

    3 TIMES IN 15 MINUTES??? What the hell?
    I'm getting pretty cocky these days (hee), when someone doesn't let go I actually frown and look at their hand like, "What in the fuck are you doing?" And then look back at them like, "Let go, asswipe."

    See if that helps...K? :)

  • At 9:33 am, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    I'll certainly try that ...... or get his number.


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